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Marionette's V-Berth Privacy Curtain  

November 17, 2013. The subject of a v-berth curtain came up as Jerry Slaughter's ROWDY, Marscot/O'Day #5 was approaching her own curtain call. This meant a review of Marionette's 'system' and the need for a few more pictures. First, a few words about 'the privacy curtain'. It simple, I like it, and since Marionette is single handed a lot there's not much else to say - except - female crew are not as enthusiastic.

For larger views click on the pictures, then click on the new picture - click the return arrow on your browser to get back here

This curtain is 17? years old, was initially darker but has faded due to washing. The edge of the galley protrudes past the bulkhead - a little snap button, or maybe a button hole half way up on either side might help....The white spots are the consequence of the occasional overspray from the chlorine bleach/water spray bottle - technology used in the battle against mildew. This curtain is rarely used so please excuse the wrinkles. Now we get to the important part - the technology.

Where the ss rod at the top came from I don't remember - if I bought it I certainly would remember because of the $$$. The rod fits into blind relief holes in mahagony pads cut from scrap. To remove the rod one must unscrew the lower screw of the pad which then rotates away. Then one slips the curtain off the rod, replacing the rod in the pad until next Spring when the process is reversed.

One will, no doubt, wonder what that wire is up next to the ceiling. That is the wire that goes to the mast antenna wire fitting on deck into which the mast antenna wire screws.

A different subject but those reading lights, now also approaching 18 years of use, were originally a nice bright brass finish. One does get used to the weathered look but....

The curtain is belted

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Above "the belt" - a bit stressed, but workable. It is a remnant of a sail tie on a Starling Burgess designed Atlantic Class sailboat (left) named Rainbow, that your webmaster renamed Relish when he acquired her some 30 years ago - and proving the value of never throwing anything away.

One touch that cannot be faulted by female crew is the availability of a proper mirror in the forward compartment.

This one is easily removable for close up work.Your webmaster likes its storage site, and the fact that it sits on a galley surface or table for shaving.




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