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Winterizing Checklists

November 14, 2011. This was a recent subject on our Forum. It seemed a good idea to also have it in our Technical Section. Here it is. Comments/suggestions welcome.

Winter Storage Checklists

Check out online "pro lists"

Marionette's list
Outboard Motor
> rinse motor with fresh water
> run engine in fresh water until warm, pull fuel line and let engine run out of fuel
> remove spark plugs, fog chambers with fogging oil, spray/wipe threads, replace plugs
> spray WD40 on engine head/metal parts
> check/top off gearcase lubricant
> Worried about anything, take to local OB motor guy for service/winterizing
> top off fuel tanks, add stabilizer (I use my left over fuel to run my leaf blower and chain saw)

Inside boat
> Store cushions and sails in dry place (my cellar is dry and warm)
> strip boat, organize stuff in logical way (galley stuff, electronics (remove batteries), gear box, books/charts, First aid/safety stuff, life jackets, anchor/rode, etc., place in marked boxes, store at home - a hassle but....
> clean/wipe down glass/painted surfaces, inside lockers,and bilge areas (I use a 50/50 bleach water mix in a spray bottle and towel paper) to remove dirt/mildew and help prevent mildew; leave locker doors open
> charge battery - I have a gel cell - holds charge all winter; disconnect battery terminals
> drain water tank, add a quart of RV antifreeze - enough to see red color coming out the drain hose (I never use water tank water for drinking/cooking, only washing (carry bottled water)
> Flush/drain head/holding tank system if not already done. Pump RV antifreeze through system until you see red
> Pump out bilge water, pour in some RV antifreeze and pump through electric and manual pumps until you see red (I use 2 gallons RV antifreeze each winter season for Marionette's winterization)
> grease thru hull fittings/make sure valves are working smoothly

Outside boat
> Make sure boat is well power washed when hauled, scrub any missed areas
> Spray mast/boom/spinn pole/whisker pole with WD40, also standing rigging/turnbuckles/wire end fittings (I buy WD40 by the gallon and refill/use their plastic spray bottle). Then I wrap the mast tight with plastic wrap and store in my barn
> Wash boat (if time and energy, wax hull)
> remove lifelines and WD 40 fittings. While Marionette is stored in a barn its easier to work on boat - (also if outside, the cover fits better w/o lifelines)

Make a list of everything that needs to be done - over the winter/in the spring

Have fun - welcome to boat ownership!










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