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Blue Gum's Galley  

October 8, 2012. We have been watching restoration developments going on down under with Alan Mountford's Blue Gum, his Falcon 24. The work he has done in her galley needed its own page in our Technical Section. Here are his galley pictures and comments.

Note the fold down galley seat in front of the sink

The area with the odd shaped cutouts you can see clearly above is the plate rack in case you were wondering :-) The rack to the right is a cup rack. The glasses rack is inside the aft rattan cane drop down door at the back of the galley bench. I used rattan cane in the doors to allow good ventilation through the lockers. The stove is the original kerosene 2 burner Primus stove.

I use a special fuel treatment product I get from New Zealand in the kero and I get no sooting on kettle / pan bottoms - even with the burner turned down for periods, so low it is barely going. The kero now burns at least as clean as gas! I also have a gimballed kero lamp with glass chimney (not installed yet) and use the same treatment in it. The glass stays clean very much longer without any sooting unless flame accidently gets turned up excessively high.

Webmaster Note: For more on this magical stuff check out Blue Gum's home page.

The idea of two drains is so that the sink will fully drain whether heeled to starboard or port.

With a central drain like most sinks have, you are left with a pool of water to mop out at the end.

For more on the sink plumbing, and a work in process picture of the galley seat, click here.







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