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Dripless Brakeline Bleeding  

May 21, 2017. Paul Lugin, Windswept (Too), Yankee #245, has been working hard. He sent in a 'how to' bleed the brakelines on your trailer brakes without dripping (minor edits)

Well, I was having a terribly messy time bleeding my Kodiak 225 disc trailer brakes using the standard hose on nipple leading to a bucket system. Brake fluid was everywhere, especially on my gloves and consequently on everything I touched. Out of despair often comes deliverance, and it happened today. Here is my solution to this problem, at least on my brakes.

This picture shows the bleeding nipple which does not like to hold onto a hose, plastic or rubber.

This picture shows the solution, which is a small plastic cup with a 1/4" hole drilled into it near the top edge.

The cup is snapped onto the nipple which actually helps hold the 5/16" wrench in place. No drips.The most risky part is taking the somewhat filled cup off the nipple, but I had no problems with that. Wear Glasses!!! One additional thought. With the hose in bucket system one advantage is that you can see air bubbles coming out of the hose end if there is still air in the lines. With the " hanging cup method", if there is air in the lines, you will see intermittent flow or sputtering which lets you know there is still air in the lines

Time for a well deserved drink?

Two holes are shown here because I had taken the cup on and off enough to require a new undamaged hole. The white blob on the right side of the picture is my dog taking a well deserved rest.









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