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Main Sail Project for Grand Finale (Pacific Dolphin #300) A work in progress updated November 30, 2012  

Mike Zint, Grand Finale, Pacific Dolphin #300, has been thinking about his worn out main sail. We gathered his recent reports/comments here

November 24, 2012. Minor edits/consolidated

My main sail is at SailCare to clean, add a 2nd reef point and re-resin. They do sail repairs, maintenence and modifications, so since my sail only has one set of reef points, I'm having them add a second reef. Quote is $.95/sq ft then 15%, through Nov 30th. Will let you know how it turns out. Here's the link to them http://www.sailcare.com/


November 30, 2012

Sailcare called yesterday and said my sail did not pass their tear test and was too worn out to re-resin. They offered to sell me a new sail for $1600. JSI where Erik Evans (Robin Lee) got his new sail is $893 ( their on-line quote ) for a Doyle sail, North Direct is $1150, but their measurements are off (I'm waiting for a correction) Yegar Sails in Yakima Washington, who made the new jib that came with the boat, is $1650 for a custom sail made of Bainbrige Ocean Cloth, designed to hold up in SanFrancisco conditions. I'm going to talk to Erik and Doug Pease (Aspara) and see what they think about Erik's JSI sail. The $700 difference buys a LOT of boat parts....


Stay tuned








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