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Rig Weight (inc. Mast, boom, halyards, mainsheet system, reefing lines, vang system)  

May 19, 2009. As part of the project to get boat weight we weighed the various components of the rig. The mast is the key element and most, if not all, early Dolphins had 'telephone pole' section masts. Marionette has one of these. Her 'rig", Mast with wind vane and antenna, boom, halyards, mainsheet system, reefing lines, vang system, weighs 150lbs

The picture at left is the mast with all halyards ready to go. There is one winch (for the jib halyard), a VHF antennae, and a wind vane.

For a larger view click here.

Mast and standing rigging (forestay, backstay with old style adjustable turnbuckle with fold out handles, 2 uppers and 2 lowers) including winch - 104 lbs; Jib, main, spinnaker and spinnaker pole topping lift halyards, 2 spreaders with boots, 4 shroud covers, VHF antennae, wind vane - 17 lbs.

Total mast system 121 lbs

Marionette's boom weighs 20 lbs. It has an integral outhaul, 2 reef blocks and 2 reef hooks. The boom's rigging includes the main sheet and blocks, the vang system, 2 reefing lines and the cunningham/downhaul system. These weigh 9 lbs. Total boom system weighs 29 lbs.

For a larger view click here.

For more on masts specifically, click here.





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