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The Toe Rail Project - Clinton Hodges' Windswept too, Yankee #245, Bremerton, Anchorage, Alaska (updated April 17, 2013)  

June 5, 2012. Clinton Hodges' deliberations on repairing/replacing Windswept too's toe rail will be an interesting read for many who have sleepless nights wrestling with their own decisions. Below are the relative excerpts from Windswept too's page


June 22, 2011

.........The teak, port toerail came apart in one piece, the starboard in two. It is my unqualified opinion that the teak is serviceable, but it has seen better days; both toerails will benefit from the assistance of epoxy. It is my understanding that the toerail strengthens thedeck/hull joint.

There are many examples of beautiful teak toerails, both old and new, and my skill level to repair the old is adequate, but replacing with new-questionable. At what point is cosmetically pleasing, old teak, still capable of its main purpose of providing support for the deck/hull joint? I have no way of knowing the answer to this. I suspect it's time to go with new, and I don't have the skill to install a new teak toerail.

Rig Rite, carries Merriman 7460F toerail (see left), that I think would be suitable for later Dolphins. Crest aluminum carries the old style C&C that may work as well. In both instances I like the t-rail track that integrates with the toe rail. Spendy, yes, but so is finding a qualified boat builder, and to install new teak. Do you have any input regarding aluminum toerails? Nope

Back to the existing toerail. At some point in her past, someone decided that the meanest, nastiest, hardest adhesive was the way to go in attaching the teak toerail to the deck. Sanding the toerail, repairing it with epoxy, and finishing it will take a fraction of the time that it will take to remove 48' of old, hardened adhesive. Enough said......

I'll keep you posted on her continuing progress.

Warm regards,

Clinton Hodges
s/v Windswept too
Anchorage, AK


August 6, 2011

Hi Ron,

A brief update on Windswept too's restoration.

I’m still undecided as to what to do with the existing aged teak toerail. Please don’t hate me if I go with aluminum, trust me; it’s a lot cheaper than hiring someone from the lower 48 to come up here and do the work properly, and in the traditional manner. I will have future business in the Seattle area in the coming months, and perhaps while in the Ballard area I’ll be able to come up with a solution for the toerail..

(Webmaster Reply: Re aluminun toe rail - I won't tell anyone :-)

Have you tried Yankee's old wood supplier? http://dolphin24.org/HandL_Marine_Woodwork.html.

Clinton's reply: Thanks for the link. I've seen it but can't figure out why I didn't make the connection to use it. Not thinking is my guess.

I want to go slightly larger than the original, preferably 1.750h x 1.250w. I know larger means it will be difficult to work with, but I know of a guy that went this way with a Cape Dory, and it turned out beautiful. He was able to select the teak, had the tools, and the skill to rip, scarf the joints at 5 degrees, and a 1/16" dado at each end. The seam is next to impossible to see.)


January 12, 2012.

Hi Ron,

You may recall that I removed the toe rails for replacement. All of the OEM hull/deck fasteners are being replaced with SS nut and bolts; so far just the starboard side has been replaced.

The toe rails that I removed from Windswept too were fabricated to drain water from the low lying areas of the deck, which is one area I can think of that water will not drain. Webmaster Note: This comment refers to a discussion regarding the use of Brightsides as a deck paint and issues related to standing water. To get into that subject click here


June 5, 2012.

Hi Ron,

It's been awhile and the last of a record snowfall rests quietly in my neighbors front yard.

You may recall I was considering using aluminum toe rails as a replacement for the aged teak toe rails on Windswept too.

Well, I decided otherwise and the search began looking for the teak. I initially thought that finding the teak and a craftsman to mill it would be difficult when in fact I have known a customer that builds custom furniture all along; turns out he builds highly desirable canoes made of white spruce and epoxy in his spare time.

So to make a long story short I purchased two very expensive planks of teak and had them milled to 1 1/4 X 1 3/4 with 12-1 scarf joints. I have two 10' sections left to scarf together and then the final milling to the aforementioned dimensions. The shop is capable of handling 30' extrusions, final milling and the dado for the mating to the deck and an inside taper of 8 degrees. The new toe rails will be slightly larger and give added strength to the hull in this area.

The preparation of the hull for the new toe rails consists of replacing the hull/deck ss screws with ss bolts properly bedded and the new beefier toe rail will be ss bolted too.


Clinton R Hodges II
s/v Windswept too
hull no. 245

We will stand by for pictures....


November 8, 2012. The following update excerpted from Clinton's email on Windswept too's main page http://www.dolphin24.org/windswept_too.html

Hi Ron,

Long time coming but good news nonetheless - Windswept too has one new toe rail on her starboard. It measures 1 1/4" width by 1 1/2" in height; the outer edge is 90 degrees and the inboard side is beveled at about 5 degrees; all new ss fasteners of 1/4-20 by 3-4" inches in length;

Have a question if I may, are the use of bungs optional? Looks sort of nice uncovered but I'm thinking corrosion might be an issue and besides I'm in this for the long haul now and cutting a 100 bungs isn't a problem at all. (Clinton - Bungs are mandatory...make sure you get the bung grain direction right!!)


April 17, 2013. Clinton sent in the an update - here are his comments pertinent to the toe rail project ( edited).

Hi Ron,

Over on our Forum under restorations there is a discussion on toe rails and I think David Williams is interested in the profile of Windswept toos'. Mine are complete by the way sans the bungs and the varnish; they turned out great. Attached is a jpg of the toe rail profile and one of these days I'll get my pictures on Photobucket so I don't have to bother you with this sort of thing.

I'm reinstalling the deck hardware with new ss fasteners'/backing plates at this time and new portlights ordered this morning.


Clinton R Hodges II
s/v Windswept too 




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