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Conch Pearl, Marscot/O'Day #16 new hull/deck joint project (updated May 5, 2014)  

May 4, 2014. About 2 months ago Bob Pitt has seriously attacked the classic early Marscot/O'Day hull/deck/clamp joint problem on his Conch Pearl, hull #16.. Here is his email (consolidated/minor edits). The photos below are of the deck re-installation.


As several are weighting in on this topic, I thought I would put in my 2 cents worth. Conch Pearl, # 16, has a completely new glass hull deck joint . When she was taken out to the local fish house to have some glass work done, the guy wanted to take the deck off to do a better job of it . After removing the old wood clamp, grinding the entire hull inside and the deck bottom, and glassing over all unused holes (there were a lot), the deck was reinstalled with 2 layers of 18/08 by 8" biaxial tape staggered 6" on deck, 2" on hull , 2" on deck, 6" on hull, to reduce grinding.

Placing the deck back on the boat required screwing pieces of plywood along the deck edge to keep the deck from dropping into the hull. This was followed by one layer of glass on the outside, and gelcoat. Including the inside this took almost 5 gallons of gel.



The only wood that was left in was the ply on the cockpit bottom, now Coosa board, and the cabin sole, with 3/4" ply.


It is hard to show detail inside the white gelled boat - kind of like taking photos of the beach. At left looking forward you can see the studs of the bow eye poking through the stem. At right is a photo looking to the stern.

This left a very clean under deck where we'll insert the bolts for toerails, stanchions, and tracks, and also for cleats.. This was done about 2 months ago.

The project in hand is engine installation along with the attendant parts like beds , shaft, & stern tube, and exhaust. The list goes on and on. Hope and Courage,

Bob Pitt


May 5, 2014. More from Bob - minor edits

Hi Ron, sorry to do this so piecemeal. Here are current photos showing 16's interior. She is so bright inside compared to what she was like before. One of the photos also shows the new Beta 14 diesel going in on the new beds. After all the bulkheads and other installations, the gel will be repaired.

Still a long way to go .  Bob

New gelcoat inside - note hull/deck joint

     Port side looking aft

Looking good

That's a wood cabin floor peaking out - and a Beta 14 diesel. Couple more items and she'll be all done!!





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