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Blue Gum's Holding Tank  

September 19, 2012. We asked Alan Mountford for some more detail regarding his holding tank - unusual, at least to your webmaster, in that it is mounted above the level of the head, and 'built in' to the side of the hull.

The holding tank is behind the raised toilet locker lid (above left). In the right photo the front of the holding tank is visible - the toilet locker lid is down. Here is the same photo, larger view.

This is a close up of the holding tank hoses and plumbing

This is Alan's description of this installation

Good Morning Ron,

I don't know how I can get a better view of the holding tank. All that can be seen now it is installed is the front of it. I have attached another pic showing the plumbing below the tank.

The back of the tank fits snugly against the hull side and the top is just below the deck with an inspection hatch that can only be accessed if the tank is taken out. The sides are close to the bulkhead and the piece supporting the end of the shelves and fiddles.

The pipe from the toilet (vertical pipe left hand side of pic) goes inside to the top of the tank where it sits over a plug to hold it firmly. There is a round hole cut in the top of the pipe as an exit for the discharge into the tank. The bottom of the tank is sloped forward out of sight behind the front.

The outlet from the tank is at the right hand end (fwd end) coming out at an angle of about 45 degrees, goes through the gray valve with red handle and through an elbow which is screwed to the skin fitting. The vent is the other tube and goes to the top of the tank inside in the middle of the tank. It is anchored at the top same as the inlet pipe. The vent hose goes to a valve, elbow and skin fitting on the hull below the tank behind the inlet hose. You can just see the end of the elbow to the left of the inlet hose.

The handle for the valve can't be seen as it is sitting in line with the hose between the hose and the hull. To drain the holding tank using a pump-out facility I have turned a thread in the outer end of the skin fitting and made a plastic piece that screws into it which holds the fitting the pump-out hose clips onto. That piece is fitted only when I want to use the pump-out facility.

Any suggestions as to how I can hide the wiring? I know it looks a bit ugly but haven't come up with any solutions so far.

Best wishes

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