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Calmante's Transom Well Plug  

February 10, 2011. Jerry Horan, Calmante #210, sent in these photos and an explanation of her transom well plug set up. Having a motor that exhausts through the lower unit makes this system work

Hi Ron,
    Here are the pictures of the bottom motor well enclosed by half inch marine ply, cut in half through the hole for the motor shaft. Inside the well are two pieces of ply on the sides and one piece just aft of the motor shaft held in place by line stuffed in between the inside stern and the center ply. On the top rail of the motor well, 1x2 is secured with screws and overlaps to the inside of the well by 3 quarter inch. The overlap holds the sides and center piece ply down on the ply, covering the motor well opening. Before installing this arrangement lots of water would splash up into the storage area and make it to the inside of the hull requireing lots of pumping to keep the bilge dry. All the plywood fits together without fastners and can be taken apart easily for motor removal. I'll close for now Ron.
All the best to you,  Jerry

Super picture - the next one shows how tight this space is

Stuffing the line fills the space in back of the rear panel takes up the space - simple and ingenious solution

Exhausting through the lower makes a tight enclosure possible









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