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Arlette Specification - Original in German, translated by Manfred Noack  

February 17, 2011. Trina, Shaw 24 #1, was built in 1957 by A. Jenson and Son, a top quality boat builder in Denmark. This yard built several more Shaw 24's and Arlette was one of these. When her first owner sold her he provided a specification sheet that provides a wealth of information on her construction, equipment and accessories. Most of these boats were shipped to US customers. Arlette was one, perhaps the only one, sold in Europe. She was sold to a Wilhelm Braun v. Stumm from Baden-Baden, Germany. Many thanks to Manfred Noack for the translation.


Specifications, Sloop ARLETTE

Dimensions:              L.o.a.: 7.30 m (23'12.4”); Length waterline: 5.64 m (18'6”)
                                 Draft (centerboard up): 0.84 m (2'9.1”); Sail Area: 27 m2 (290.6 ft2)

“Arlette” was built in 1959 as hull No. 8 of the model SHAW 24 by the builder A. Jensen and Søn in Roskilde, Denmark under the supervision of Norge Boats, Inc., Stamford, CT, USA. H. W. Shaw who was designer at Sparkman and Stephens at the time, designed this keel-centerboarder on the basis of and in the same proportions as Carlton Mitchell's “Finisterre”, the three-times-in-a-row winner of the Bermuda race; the Shaw 24 was configured for the American MORC and the British RORC Class IV formulas. The first boat, the yawl TRINA, achieved convincing victories already in her first racing season (see enclosed clipping from YACHTING). Arlette achieved the same successes on the Baltic Sea in the Baltic Race and the Sjaelandt Rundt and as well in the Giraglia Regatta from Toulon to San Remo. Because of slipped disks the undersigned must give up sailing for the foreseeable future.

Arlette has been kept in absolutely pristine condition; all initial “teething troubles” inherent in a boat of complex design and outfitted with complex gear have been dealt with in tightly timed consecutive  missions in a variety of  venues. All conceivable racing, safety and personal-comfort gear is at hand.

Hull: double-planked mahogany/cedar over oak stringers, all fastened with EVERDUR bronze screws; 700 kg (1543 lb) lead keel, self-bailing cockpit with custom foam rubber upholstery covered by blue canvas with white plastic cording, deck of waterproof, canvas-covered plywood. Bow and stern pulpit with double stainless steel lifelines (plastic covered). Special aluminum alloy stanchions. Translucent Lucite hatches.

Standing and Running Rigging: Stays (and shrouds) of 1x19 stainless steel (wire); all mast and boom fittings and tackle, such as winches, cleats as well as roller-reefing goose neck and boom end-bracket of MERRIMAN and WLXOX CRITTENDEN bronze. Complete set of running rigging and tackle, including two jib and spinnaker sheets, blocks of TUFNO L and four SOUTH COAST rubber genoa blocks.

Sails: All of Dacron, Terylene or Nylon. Two mainsails, large genoa, small genoa, cruising jib (?), drifter, storm jib, storm trysail, two spinnakers (including one of Ratsey VENTURI).

Engine and Electrical System: KERMATH Sea Twin 10 hp gasoline engine with reverse, LUCAS alternator, AUTO-LITE starter and SUDBURY Aqua Clear cooling water filter. 12V system with two heavy-duty batteries of 55 Amp-h each, located in a ballast-enhancing spot under the companionway and switched on and off  by a spark-proof SUDBURY master switch. LUCAS voltage regulator, ammeter; all wiring with plastic insulation with due attention to (preventing) possible electrolysis. PERKO control panel, two special outlets to connect either the compass illumination, anchor light, the WILCOX CRITTENDEN heater (in conjunction with the WILCOX CR. range), the BOSCH search light, or the horn. Double lights in the mess room, complete navigational lights by WILCOX CRITTENDEN, two spreader lights; one SIEMENS light-duty charger with 30 m (98 ft) shore cable.

Tankage: 36 L (9.5 gal) fuel, 75 L (19.8 gal) water.

Navigational Gear: One SESTRE L lighted compass mountable in stbd. or port fittings on the deck house, one WEEMS hand-bearing compass w. illumination, one SUMLOG speedlog with illuminated dial in the cockpit, one SAILOR TYPE 16 T radio with directional sensor (?), and mast head antenna; one LAMBRECHT aneroid barograph with rolling compensation and oil damping, one WFFT barometer in addition to miscellaneous other gear.

Safety Gear: 2 Horseshoe buoys <..... illegible .....> with floating rescue light (?), all in permanent SS steel fittings on the stern pulpit, one 2 kg (4.4 lb) hand-held dry fire extinguisher and one FTR-X dry fire extinguisher; two bilge pumps, one self-inflating two-man WINSLOW oval life raft with two paddles, one inflatable radar (reflector?) kite, one signal pistol with ammunition, one complete set of (international) signal flags, size 35 cm (14”); one 35 kg (77 lb) NORTH HILL stainless steel anchor, one 6 kg (13 lb) DANFORTH anchor with 6' rubberized chain in a special deck house fitting.

Interior: Two-burner WILCOX CRITTENDEN “Sea Cook” alcohol stove with pressure vessel and its appendant heater; stainless steel sink with WILCOX CR. hand pump, 1½ cu ft ice box with attachable, collapsible table on its front (55x67 cm, ~22x26 inch); WILCOX CR. Head; 6 WILCOX CR. sea cocks; 4 berths with 5 cm DUNLOPPILLOW foam rubber mattresses covered with blue canvas with white plastic cording, three white and blue striped cushions, one small gear hammock, plastic dishes for seven persons, mahogany rack for paper dishes with an adequate supply (thereof), miscellaneous kitchenware; one mahogany book rack 49x37x24 cm (19x14.5x9.5 inch) in front of the hanging locker.

General Gear: Hahnepot-Heiss strop (bridle) to be attached to three SS pad eyes in the bilge. Ample Dacron and Terylene anchor and mooring lines, foldable Terylene bosun's chair by Ratsey, miscellaneous spare part kits, replacement parts and required tools, boat cover, two water proof Dorade vents, ample fenders.

Price: DM 30,000. fully found. (Approx exchange rate 1959 - 1969 about 4 DM = $1 - $7500)

P.S. A specially designed tractor trailer, very well-proven in extended trips, can be made available reasonably priced as a complete unit or as semi trailer. Otherwise it may be made available at cost for delivery to any location.



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