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Vire Inboard engines

November 25, 2011. A number of Dolphins had or still have Vire inboards. Click here http://vire7marineengineparts.yolasite.com/ for a link to a website regarding these engines. Here's another http://www.s109316956.websitehome.co.uk/vire7/ (links updated April 17, 2014)

Below we will try and accumulate comments received from owners and others about their Vire engines. Another source is to type Vire into the search engine - see link button upper left of screen. This will give a list of Dolphin24.org website pages where the Vire engine is mentioned. And, there is an option to search the web as well.


November 24, 2008. Fred Goguen sent in the following email about Pacific Dolphin #261, Thankful's Vire inboard


I pulled out the Vire 7 and gave it to Ron Shaw on Peaks Island. Ron Shaw is an old Mainer. I knew Ron was familiar with Vire engines because Ron had purchased a new Vire engine  in 2001 and installed it into a small Friendship sloop . Ron soon tired of the Friendship sloop and sold the boat. Since I knew that Ron was familiar with Vires and mine had a corroded carburetor I gave it to him.

Ron got Thankful's old engine all clean up and running like a top and traded it to another old timer up in Ellsworth for a cast iron marine stove. I am using the old 5 HP Honda outboard that came with the boat when I bought it from Andy.

By the way that two cycle Vire had deposited gooey substances never before seen by man into the bilge. I had a heck of a time trying to clean Thankful's bilge  



July 12, 2007. Matt Bemis, Shambles, Yankee #203 (excerpt)

I have tried to prioritize the projects to be done. Sometimes these priorities change due unforeseen events, but the first big project was the motor. This project is a story in itself, but I will give a brief summary. The boat came with two motors attached. One outboard, and an inboard in pieces. I felt that the IB was the way to go, so after the haul out I removed the motor mount and went to work.

The first problem was simple. I now had four holes in the transom that I decided to just use bolts and some good marine caulk to seal up. If ever I need to I can re mount the OB motor. The larger problem was the Vire BVR, in pieces - see http://vire7marineengineparts.yolasite.com/. They quit building this motor around 1969, and finding parts was a chore to say the least. To make a long story short, a new set of points and a rebuilt carburetor, and we were in business. Well, almost. There was also a leak in the shut off valve for the cooling water. Probably from water freezing while in the off position. After removing and rebedding the through hull fitting with the same trusty marine grade caulk, and installing a new sea cock, we were now ready to go













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