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Bob Hancock's Pippin, Yankee # 198's Triad Trailer


Many, if not most of us, have cobbled up, used trailers modified to take our Dolphins. Bob bought a new Triad for his Yankee #198, Pippin and his email of Feb 11, 2009 is very informative. We are working on a couple of pictures.

It was a pricey one, $6000, but it's real nice. It's not bolted together galvanized, it's welded and then galvanized by someone else. The mast carrier on the front can be extended up and has a winch with a brake. I can raise halfway and walk away from the winch to untangle something and come back to continue. I built a support that sits in the cockpit for transporting and a longer crutch that I lift the mast into after the bolt is in the mast step. It gives me a better angle to start cranking it up.I find the boat needs about 5' of water at the back axle to launch & retrieve. The trailer tongue can be extended 8' if necessary, I had it out about 4' to retrieve and nothing to launch.


They might be pricey but they know how to build sailboat trailers - here is a link to their website. Click on it to go there http://www.triadtrailers.com/

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