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The Composting Head - Dolphin owners' exchange  

June 6, 2019. Cliff Dasco (Maya Elena, a 1972 Yankee) with webmaster assistance, initiated the following exchange with Matt Kapp (Sanguine, Yankee #219) - minor edits.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019 7:52 PM

Hi, Matt.

I have a Yankee Dolphin, Maya Elena. I was reading about your composting head in the Ron Breault-curated social pages. Years ago, someone removed the conventional head in my boat and replaced it with a chemical toilet. This is a major barrier to my wife’s accompanying me on a cruise. So, I have been looking into putting in a more conventional head and then came up short about where to put the holding tank and how to plumb it. The idea of a composting head seems to work and I wonder about some details. Would you share?

Cliff Dacso


Thursday, June 06, 2019 12:32 AM

Hi Cliff,

Oh boy, this is a loaded question. On my last boat (a Morgan Chrysler S-27) I completely engineered a brand new conventional (Jabsco) toilet and holding tank system with a dedicated freshwater tank, and still within weeks guests had managed to foul it up. So when I bought the Dolphin (which had no reasonable room forward to redo a conventional system) - it had a porta-potti, which for myriad reasons is unacceptable.

Then it was down to high-end composting heads but they recommended venting (like the Airhead or Nature's Head) but these run $1,200 plus and I didn't feel it needed a vent just for mainly weekend use. Then voila! I came across the C-head. No venting required. And I promise it doesn't stink at all if you use the correct compost bedding (pine shavings).

Some of my guests have psychological barriers they can't get past, but we're on a mooring at a marina with good reliable launch service, so as long as it isn't after hours, a landlubber poop is just a 5 minute launch ride away. But at any rate, I use it for #2 all the time and zero complaints!




Thanks Matt - Just what I need to know!



We'll standby for further reports from Cliff but here's the link to the C-head - http://c-head.com/











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