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Ruby's (nee Clover's) Trailer (updated November 22, 2013)  

November 10, 2010, Bill Thomas built a trailer for his Clover, Marscot/O'Day # 4, and sent us the following report (minor edit)

Here is information on the trailer I built for my 1960 Dolphin ‘Clover’.  I found the Dolphin site extremely helpful while I was doing the work and hope this adds to the existing wealth of information on the trailer page. I’ve tried to include all the basic measurements and other information that might be useful.  However I’m sure I over looked something so please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

The trailer is a ‘bolt-together’ galvanized Load Rite of unknown vintage. When I bought the trailer it needed new tires, lights, break lines and a new actuator.  I also had the bearings repacked.  I also went through and checked the torque on all the bolts.

The over all length of the trailer is 25’ and the distance from the rear cross member to the center of the wheels is 6’.  The distance between the 2 cross members is 9’2”. The frame is 6’ wide. The trailer is rated to 7000#. I plan on launching and hauling Clover with the services of a travel lift so I did not build the trailer with ramp launching in mind. However I think, given the right ramp, the trailer would work for launching without a travel lift.

I installed a bunk made out of 6 2x4’s bolted together for the keel to rest on. The bunk is 10’ long and has 2x6’s bolted to the forward end.   I put a 9’ long 2x6 on top of the bunk so it would be easier to slide the rear lift strap of the travel lift out from under the boat once it’s on the trailer.

The bunk is level with the side frames. The rear stand is 20” tall and the top is 30” in from the centerline of the trailer. The forward stand is 18” tall and the top is 28” in from the center of the trailer. I ordered the stands from Brownell Boat Stands.

Clover sits on the trailer so the aft end is 11’3” from the center of the 2 wheels. I towed the boat with a full sized 1500 truck and the balance and handling where perfect.

Next year, when I store the boat in my barn, I might have to replace the wooden bunk with a steel tray. This will lower the boat about 4”.  The stands have enough adjustment in them to accommodate this change.

I hope this is helpful information. Enclosed are some photos and a drawing that might also be helpful.

Bill Thomas

November 22, 2013. postscript I found hose clamps keep the screws on my trailer stands from backing out when I'm on the road. 






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