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What's New - 2009

Dec 30 - "Number of Dolphins Found" update - now 150 to date; Roster of Dolphins by Hull #'s updated and keyed to Number of Dolphins Found - in History and Rosters

Dec 29 - A "Number of Dolphins Found" page (146 to date) - History

Dec 26 - Updated Ebay ad for the 1960 O'Day Dolphin in Huntsville, Alabama - in Rosters and For Sale

Dec 25 -

Dec 21 - update from Fred Croft and Flipper - in Rosters

Dec 19 - How many Dolphins have we found as of today? 145 - in History/Number of Dolphins Built....

Dec 18 - David Baumer has submitted his 'Summer Report" covering the work done, and to be done, on his Aeyla Makaira, Yankee # 81, Norfolk, Virginia - in Restorations; Another update from Fred Croft and Flipper, O'Day # 41 - engine problems, and weather coming on the Virginia shore - in Rosters

Dec 17 - Eric Varty's Canopache, Yankee # 188, gets an almost new trailer - in Rosters and Technical/Trailer

Dec 16 - An update on Flipper's cruise - now in Chincoteague, Virginia, - in Rosters; David LeMestre built a carbon fiber profile model of his Falcon 24, Davarsa, Brittany, France - in Rosters and Technical/Half Models and Models; Ron Cambell's Valhalla, Yankee # 113 sailing in large Pacific swells off Marina del Rey, California - in Rosters

Dec 15 - Ric Stam's Teaka, Yankee # 165, Hawaii, checking in - in Rosters

Dec 7 - Pictures of Flipper and a 'chart track" of her voyage - Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard to Barnegat Bay, New Jersey - in Rosters

Dec 6 - Fred Croft and Flipper, O'Day #41- update on their cruise south - in Rosters; 'TEER, Marionette's (O'Day/Marscot #12) dinghy makes it to Wooden Boat Magazine's Online 'Launchings" web page - in Stories/TEER goes to the Wooden Boat Show

Dec 4 - FOR SALE Wally Treuting's Yankee Dolphin # 223 (formerly White Cap), Mount Sinai, Long Island, New York - in Rosters and For Sale Section

Dec 2 - Richard McConnell's Fire Escape, Pacific Dolphin # 299 gets an refurbished interior, galley box and new electric fridge - in Rosters and Technical/Interiors

Dec 1- Wally Treuting's Yankee Dolphin (formerly White Cap), Mount Sinai, Long Island, New York, checking in - in Rosters Update and photos of Keith Gross' model of Cats Paws - in Rosters and Technical/Models and Half Models

Nov 28 - Fred Croft and Flipper, his O'Day Dolphin #41are heading for sunnier climes - in Rosters. Keith Gross, Cats Paws, Pacific Dolphin # 279 has still another type of mast hinge plate - in Technical/Spars/Tabernacles and Mast Hinge Plates, and Rosters

Nov 26 - Happy Thanksgiving to all! Our third, and the old bird is still here...


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Nov 23 - Eric Varty updates the priority list for Canopache, Yankee # 188, North Truro, Cape Cod, MA - in Rosters

Nov 22 - Siobhan Hall's S&S 24, Glass Spider gets newly painted topsides and more, Waitemata Harbor, Auckland, New Zealand - in Rosters

Nov 21 - Some history and a picture on Peter Edwards' Two Moons, Pacific Dolphin # 250, Holly Hill/Daytona Beach, Florida - in Rosters

Nov 16 - Keith Gross tries his hand at modifying an existing ship's model to approximate Cats Paws, his Pacific Dolphin # 279 - in Rosters and Technical/Half Models

The Forum is back up. We have installed another barrier which may or may not work. The offending posts in the Technical Section have been deleted. Patience....

Nov 15 - More and updated comments on outboard motors - in Technical/Outboard Motor Comments; Kestrel, Yankee # 110 gets a new 120% furling jib - in Technical/Sails and Rosters

The Forum was hacked again last night. It is currently shut down. Sorry for the inconvenience

Nov 14 - Marcia Green's Timesweep, Yankee # 214, more pictures and background - in Rosters

Nov 12 - Photo of Dolphins racing under spinnakers - Wilmette Harbor fleet - in Stories/Wilmette

Nov 11 - Update from Mike Zint, Grand Finale, Pacific Dolphin # 300, Phoenix, Arizona - in Rosters

Nov 10 - Checking in - Dennis R. McElroy's Sabre Dance, Yankee # 135, Fort Walton Beach, Florida - in Rosters; Eric St Mary's Dorado, Lunn # 208, FOR SALE in Kentucky - in Rosters and For Sale

Nov 9 - An update from Jann and Derek Dawes re Tiana, an S&S 24, Rangitane, Bay of Islands, New Zealand - in Rosters

Nov 4 - Early Yankee's wood and fiberglass hatches, with pictures of David Baumer's Aeyla Makaira, Yankee # 81, Norfolk, Virginia - in Technical/Hatches, Combings, Toe Rails and related, and in Rosters

Cirque du Soliel fans, and Dolphinites, may be interested to know that the featured segment on the Monday night Jay Leno show, November 2, will be the clowns from the new Cirque du Soliel show Koozi now playing live under the blue and yellow big top on the pier in Santa Monica, CA. Our own Ron Campbell (Valhalla, Yankee # 113) is the King of Clowns and will be appearing on the show. He's the one wearing the crown. You can find out more about Koozi by clicking here.

Nov 1 - Coq au Vin, a Falcon 24, FOR SALE, in Picton, South Island, New Zealand - in Rosters and For Sale Sections; A Falcon 24 FOR SALE in Opua, Bay of Islands, New Zealand - in Rosters and For Sale Sections; A 'shoal draft' picture of Yankee # 236, Columbia Crossing, Columbia River, near Portland, Oregon - in Rosters

Oct 31 - A theory of early Dolphin production numbers debunked? Warning - this could be painful reading - in Technical/Numbers of Dolphins Built, and in Rosters

Oct 30 - Fred Croft's Flipper, O'Day # 41, Rockport, Maine, now lying Menemsha Harbor, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettes - in Rosters

Oct 29 - Yankee transitions from a wood combing on Ron Campbell's Valhalla, # 113, to a glass combing on Hannah Brownell's Dolphin, # 114 - in Rosters

Oct 28 - Pictures of Hannah Brownell's Dolphin, Yankee # 114, Mattapoisett, MA - in Rosters

Oct 26 - Dave Hodapp's Precious Time, Pacific Dolphin # 274 Sacramento, California, checking in - in Rosters

Oct 24 - Dennis Barthal's and Rick Singer's Skua, an early Yankee, found in Noank, CT; also a steel Dolphin cradle - in Rosters; Ron Campbell's Valhalla, Yankee #113 checks in at Marina del Rey, CA - in Rosters; A stern shot of Peter and Carol King's Mahi Mahi, Yankee #166, Noank, CT - in Rosters; Stan Barnes' hand carved scale model of Shamon Marscot/O'Day #25 makes it to our models page - In Technical/Models; Jack Hubbard's half model of Hornet, a 1965 Tripp built boat on O'Day hull #75 - in Technical/Models

Oct 21 - Senior DFI Bruce Evans checks in Yankee # 236 at Columbia Crossings on the Columbia River near Portland, Oregon - in Rosters

Oct 20 - Jim Rohner's Dolphin 24 (No Name) was lost in the September 8, 2008 storm at Wilmette Harbor, Illinois - in Rosters; Ted Prohov's Wada Boat was rescued in the same storm - in Rosters

Oct 19 - Jim Kurt's The Rachael K, Marscot/O'Day # 4 reported sold to Bill Thomas - in Rosters and For Sale

Oct 18 - Peter Edwards checking in with Pacific Dolphin # 250 - in Rosters

Oct 17 - Dolphin Centerboards - More information about them, including a new technical review of how they affect performance - in Technical/Centerboards; Ted Prohov's Wada Boat, Yankee # 190 is getting a new centerboard - in Rosters

Oct 16 - Jann and Derek Dawes' Tiana, an S&S 24, Sail # 1445, checking in, Rangitane, Bay of Islands, New Zealand - in Rosters (corrects an earlier Oct 15 post)

Oct 11 - A weekend cruise to Catalina Island, Robin Lee's photo log - in Stories, and on the Forum Cruising Section; 1960 O'Day for sale on EBay, formerly from Deltaville, Virginia, now in Huntsville, Alabama - in Rosters and For Sale Sections

Oct 7 - Erik Evens' Robin Lee, Yankee # 118 checks in with a Catalina Island/Marina del Rey 'fast passage' report - in Rosters

Oct 6 - The Forum is now ad free. Enjoy

Oct 2 - The Forum is now open. Several posts unrelated to our purpose have been deleted. Guests will be allowed to read the posts in the various Sections but only registered users will be allowed to post.

This Forum software, and its use, is free from Google provided we permit ads they select. No revenue was received by the website. This arrangement with Google worked reasonably well initially but has progressed from fairly innocuous marine related ads to some obnoxious ones you may have seen recently. The ads, initially positioned at the top of a page, are now also appearing immediately below the text of individual posts. Overall, they have become much more numerous, and more onerous.

We have purchased a license that will allow us to prevent ads from appearing on the Forum - period. This will go into effect as soon as we can technically figure out how to implement the change.

Oct 1 - An update on the Johnson's Daisy J, Pacific Dolphin # 265, near Dallas, TX - in Rosters

Sept 30 - Checking in, Tom Cooper's Chandra, Yankee # 74, Bainbridge, Washington - in Rosters; Updates on Paul Trockel's Charisma and Kalea, and a start on a story of Paul's connection to the 7 Dolphins he has owned - in Rosters

Sept 29 - Don Moore checks in as new owner of Delphinus, Yankee # 128, Plattsburgh, Lake Champlain, New York - in Rosters

Sept 28 - Bob and Daisy Johnson's Daisy J., Pacific Dolphin # 265, Texas - in Rosters

Sept 27 - Jim Kurt's The Rachael K, Marscot/O'Day # 4, Buck's Harbor, South Brookville, Maine FOR SALE - in Rosters and For Sale Section

Sept 26 - Paul Balaster's Yankee # 227, Clearwater, Texas FOR SALE, update and new pictures - in Rosters and For sale Section

Sept 26 - The Forum has been closed temporarily for maintenance. We had a hacker break in and make inappropriate posts. It may take a couple of days to fix the mess. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sept 24 - Paul Arnold's Windswept, Yankee # 245 checking in - in Rosters

Sept 23 - a 1966 Yankee Dolphin FOR SALE in Clearwater, Texas - in Rosters and For Sale

Sept 19 - A 'new' Dolphin sighting - Paul Trockel's Charisma, a Yankee Dolphin at Shelbourne Shipyard, Shelbourne, (Burlington) Lake Champlain, VT - in Rosters

Sept 18 - Sail making hardware for Heaven's new build-it-yourself jib - in Rosters

Sept 15 - Pictures and more about Carl Boller's Our Knots, Yankee # 211 - in Rosters; Keith Gross's Cats Paws, Pacific Dolphin # 279 is getting a new dodger - in Rosters and Technical/Dodgers

Sept 14 - Carl Boller checking in with Our Knots, Yankee # 211, Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, CA - in Rosters;  Some pictures of Bill Kelting's Delphinus, Yankee # 128, Lake Champlain - in Rosters; Jim Oppy's status report on Wisp's restoration - in Rosters; A new picture of Jeff Burt's Nalina, a Lunn built boat, Guilford, CT - in Rosters; A half model of George Watt's Odile - in Technical/Half Models

Sept 12 - Jim (and Arlyn) Anderson's Antigua II, a Yankee on Cooks Bay, Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota - in Rosters

Sept 8 - DFi Zack Beatty spotted Flipper, an early Dolphin hailing from Rockport, ME, in Menemsha Pond Harbor, Martha's Vineyard, MA - in Rosters; Update on Jib Furlers - in Tecnical/Sails/Spars related and Hardware

Sept 7 - DFI Mike Zint (Grand Finale) forwarded in a field report and sighting on Yankee #196 on Navaho Lake, New Mexico - in Rosters: David Baumer, Norfolk, Virginia has more evidence that his Aeyla Makaira is Yankee #81- in Rosters; Jib Furling Systems - in Technical/Sails/Spars related and Hardware

Sept 6 - Making your own sails - in Technical/Sails

Sept 5 - Todd Croteau's MELE, an O'Day Dolphin Available for Free on Craigs List, Annapolis/Washington, DC area - in Rosters and For Sale Section; Yankee Dolphin reported in Redondo Beach, CA - in Rosters

Sept 4 - Mattieux Abiven's and Natine's sea voyage from Bay of Islands, New Zealand to Brittany, France - in Rosters and Stories

Sept 3 - Update from David LeMestre's DAVARSA, a Falcon 24 moored in Paluden, near Brest, France - in Rosters; Jim Oppy has bought Cynosure, a 1962 O'Day, and renamed her WISP, her name 40 years ago - in Rosters; Victor Mazella's Heaven, an early O'Day or Lunn checking in; Also Victor provides interesting info on making your own sails- in Rosters and Technical/Sails

Sept 2 - Doug Pease, Asapara, Yankee # 153, gives us more info on his Garhauer Rigid Vang - in Technical/Booms and related

Sept 1 - Cats Paws' first owner found - in Rosters

Aug 31 -  Pictures of Cats Paws' new cabin sole, and a sidebar on cabin lamps - in Rosters

Aug 30 - Update from Keith Gross and Cats Paws, Pacific Dolphin # 279, Indianapolis, Indiana - in Rosters

Aug 29 - Greg Marsden's Unda Maris III, Yankee # 125 has a couple of rebuilt hatches and other info - in Rosters and Technical/Repairs

Aug 27 - Bill Kelting checked in with his Yankee # 128, Lake Champlain, VT - in Rosters; Update from David Le Mestre about DAVORSA, his Falcon 24 in Brittany, France - in Rosters

Aug 23 - More info on Vangs - in Technical/Booms and related; related updates on Doug Pease's Aspara, Yankee # 153, and Erik Even's Robin Lee, Yankee # 118 - in Rosters

Aug 19 - Update on Brenda and Rick Warren's Pacific Dolphin # 277, Loki's For Sale status - in Rosters and For Sale Sections; Newsletter # 5 going out Aug 20, 2009 is now up in the Archive Section - In Newsletter Archives

Aug 8 - More on vangs, cunninghams, outhauls and other boom related systems - in Technical/Booms

Aug 7 - More pictures of Kaloke's launching and Google Earth views of the site - in Stories and Restorations; Info on Boom Vangs - in Technical/Booms

Aug 6 - Kerry Lange's Mermaid 24 Kaloke is launched at the end of the page and a special link - in Restorations

Aug 2 - New revelations regarding Dubhe - Marscot/O'Day # 12 - in Rosters

Aug 1 - A newly discovered September, 1960 George O'Day Associates Dolphin ad - in History/O'Day; Marionette's Galley - in Technical and Restorations

July 31 - The Black Book Photos - old photos and more of a 1962 O'Day - in Stories; updates on Sloop du Jour - in Rosters; Dubhe's March 1, 1968 inventory list - in Rosters

July 30 - Peggy Benkard's Sloop du Jour, 1962 O'Day, Fishers Island, NY - in Rosters; Jim Rice's Dubhe, an early Dolphin, Essex, CT - in Rosters; A late 1961? US Yachts Ad flyer for the Dolphin 24 - in History/US Yachts; Sam Jones' Julep, a 1962 Dolphin, Old Saybrook, CT - in Rosters; Paul Cox' Peach Blossom, an early Dolphin, Fishers Island, NY - in Rosters

July 27 - Covers - Hatch, Lazarette, Mainsail, Tiller and more - in Technical; Picture of Palmer Scott's New Bedford, MA boatyard after the 1954 Hurricane, Carol, destroyed it - in History/Palmer Scott

July 26 - Editing,and more interior pictures of Marionette's cabin, Marscot/O'Day #12 - in Rosters and Restorations;

WANTED - a trailer for a Dolphin 24 click link below for details


July 24 - updates and more info on spinnaker twing lines and blocks - in Technical/rigging/spinnaker gear; Gerrit-Jan Bessem's Arlette, a Shaw 24 in the Netherlands - in Rosters

July 21 - More discussion on 'the infamous soft sheer clamp' problem and related wood toe rail issues" - in Technical/Repairs; Phil Groben checking in with Orion, Yankee # 178, Lodi, Lake Senaca, NY - in Rosters

July 18 - Dianne Davis' Kestrel, Yankee # 110 is No Longer For Sale, Pocasset, MA - in For Sale Section and Rosters

July 14 - Dianne Davis' Kestrel, Yankee # 110 is FOR SALE, Pocasset, MA - in For Sale Section and Rosters; update and edits on Transom Motor Wells and Plugs - in Technical; Darren Scott checking in with Yankee # 231, Alamitos Bay, California - in Rosters

July 12 - Pictures of Seth Williams' Porthos, Pacific Dolphin # 254, and a new(old) Dolphin sighting - in Rosters

July 11 - Seth Williams checking in with Porthos, Pacific Dolphin # 254, South Dartmouth, Massachusettes - in Rosters

July 7 - Erik Evens' ROBIN LEE, Yankee # 118, at 40 years young, gets her new varnish - in Rosters

July 5 - A clean chart of New Bedford/Fair Haven Harbor and the location of the old Beetle Yard where the first Dolphins were finished and launched - in Stories/JATO Log

July 3 - Stan Barnes, O'Day hull # 25, Shamon, an early, and important contributor to this website, passed away on June 24 at 88 - in Rosters

July 1 - "Artic Solo Sail", a fascinating adventure, going on right now, about an attempt to sail the Northwest Passage - in Stories

June 29 - "TEER", tender to Marionette, goes to the Wooden Boat Show - in Stories

June 28 - Checking in - Yankee # 226, Bonita Springs, Florida - in Rosters

June 27 - Photo of Vintage, newly discovered O'Day Dolphin in Little Harbor, New Castle, New Hampshire - in Rosters

June 20 - updates on Dolphin nameplates and hull numbers - in Technical and History; updates on Numbers of Dolphins Built (and when) - in History

June 19 - New information and updated theory regarding early Dolphin nameplates and hull numbers - in Technical/Misc/Nameplates; A new Dolphin? sighting, Vintage, Little Harbor, New Castle, New Hampshire - in Rosters; Page edits and update on Jim Homet's Tiki, O'Day # 28, Portsmouth, NH - in Rosters

June 18 - Great pictures of David Driggers' Cicerone, Marscot/O'Day # 19, Tallahasse, FL - in Rosters; Edinburgh, Scotland: Marionette places 2nd to Dorade in S&S Association's Annual 2008 Global Challenge Trophy Award - in Stories

June 16 - David Driggers Cicerone, Marscot/O'Day # 19, Tallahasse, FL - in Rosters;

LAST CHANCE - the Alabama Dolphin for sale in Huntsville will be cut up - in Rosters

June 15 - A mystery boat, Windswept, a full keel Dolphin 24? O'Day Hull # 16, for sale on Craig's List in St Petersburg, FL has been sold and new owners have been in touch - in Rosters

June 14 - Paul Cox' Peach Blossom, Eastern CT, an early O'Day, now believed to be in Michigan - in Rosters; Letter to the Editor, Practical Sailor re Brigadoon Reunion, Yankee # 102 - in Rosters

June 11 - Greg Marsden's Unda Maris III, Yankee # 125, San Francisco, California checking in - in Rosters; Unda Maris II, Yankee # 231, Marina del Rey, California checking in - in Rosters

June 10 - More on Bob Jordan's Curlew, Lunn # 202 - in Rosters

June 6 - Update on Kerry Lange's Mermaid 24, KALOKE - In Restorations and Rosters

June 5 - Bob Jordan's Curlew, Lunn # 202, Waterford, CT- in Rosters

June 3 - Ethanol, fuel and water - an interesting, and important issue - in Technical/Engines and related

June 2 - The Yankee 24 - Not a Dolphin - in History

May 30 - Measuring a Dolphin's Waterline Length - and its waterplane coefficient - continued - in Technical

May 27 - A Boom/Gooseneck slide emergency repair kit - in Technical/Repairs

May 22 - The log of Stan Secora's JATO, # 7 covering her launching on May 11, 1960 and her delivery voyage from New Bedford, MA via Newport to the Thames River in New London, CT - in Rosters and Stories; Updates on the Marscot/O'Day plants in Fall River/New Bedford, MA - in History

May 21 - Glimpse, Marscot/O'Day #8?, Padenarum (Buzzards Bay), Massachusettes - in Rosters

May 19 - updated information and theory on boats built and when by O'Day/Marscot requires changes in Number of Boats Built and When - in History;  Roster Overview ;Roster by Hull NumberMast/Boom Rig weight - in Technical/Spars and related

May 16 - Measuring a Dolphin's Water Line length - in Technical

May 15 - Supernova's bamboom - a bamboo boom - in Stories and Rosters

May 12 - More on Weight (2) - in Technical

May 9 - Black Dolphins meet in Port Jefferson - in Rosters

May 6 - More on weight - in Technical/Misc

May 5 - Weight - some numbers - in Technical/Misc

May 3 - Where is Dolphin Bay, Panama? A map shows where Supernova, #156 is - in Stories and Rosters

May 2 - Steve Somerville checked in as the new owner of Festina Lente, a Falcon 24 in Whangarei, New Zealand - in Rosters

Apr 30 - Bodes Well, O'Day # 29, Southport Island (Boothbay) Maine was sold to the Watsons, from Chicago/Waukeegan/Wilmette, Illinois - in Rosters

Apr 29 - Tim Busse's Brigadoon, Yankee #102, Lake Carlyle, Illinois on the back cover of Practical Sailor Magazine - in Rosters

Apr 28 - Checking in Brad Miller's Sunrisa, Yankee # 168, Sequim Bay, Washington - in Rosters; Simon Graves, former owner of Supernova, Yankee # 156 checks in with Supernova's new owner Swanny, in Dolphin Bay (no kidding), Panama - in Stories

Apr 27 - Tiki's Trailer - in Technical/Trailers; An update on Jim Homet's Tiki restoration - in Rosters

Apr 26 - update and new photo - Shear Clamp Repair - in Technical

Apr 25 - Found near Tallahasse, Florida - Cicerone, O'Day # 19 - in Rosters

Apr 18 - Indentified - Dario's Yankee # 83, the Blue Hull Dolphin at Marina Del Rey, California - in Rosters

Apr 10 - Jib track location and jib leads - in Technical/Sails and Hardware related; John Helmuth's Echo, Pacific Dolphin # 251, Wilmette Harbor, Illinois - in Rosters: Some really great digitally altered pictures of Wimette Dolphins racing - in Stories/Photos of Racing Dolphins; Dolphin Corner targeted at Wilmette Harbor, Illinois - in Stories/Wilmette Harbor Fleet

Apr 9 - Halsey McGowan's Elizabeth, an early O'Day, gets a new main bulkhead - in Technical/Repairs

Apr 7 - Windswept, O'Day #16, a Dolphin? with a full, deep keel, formerly from Bozman, Maryland and now FOR SALE in Sarasota, Florida - in Rosters and For Sale Section; Tiki, O'Day # 28 is now Jim Homet's boat - in Rosters

Apr 5 - A Dolphin 24 Half Model - in Technical/ Miscellaneous

Apr 3 - A used Dolphin checklist for potential buyers - in Technical/ Miscellaneous

Apr 2 - More (before) pictures of Mike Zint's Grand Finale, Pacific Dolphin # 300, Phoenix, Arizona - in Rosters; Keith Gross's Cat's Paws, Pacific Dolphin # 279 continues her on her path to respectibility - in Rosters; Plans to announce yesterday that Rolex and Volvo would co-sponsor this web site crumbled when your webmaster forgot the date and failed to to sign the contract by the deadline. Have to wait until next year.

Mar 31 - updates on sail specs and sail selection - in Technical/Sail Plan

Mar 30 - Found, Emily Jones' Riant, Yankee # 151, Columbia Crossing, Haydon Bay (Portland) Oregon - we had her all along but just did not know it - in Rosters; Cats Paws has a new truck! - in Rosters

Mar 28 - Early O'Day Dolphin FOR SALE on CraigsList - Sarasota, Florida - in Rosters and For Sale Section

Mar 26 - Keith Gross's Cat's Paws, Pacific Dolphin # 279 gets cleaned up - in Rosters

2 years old today!

Mar 25 - more info on Rascal, last seen in 1994, Palm Coast, Florida - in Rosters

Mar 24 - edits and updates in G.D. O'Day Associates and O'Day Corporation: Number of Boats Built (in 1960) - in History

Mar 22 - Tiki Sailing, circa 1995 and Tiki's Builders Nameplate found - #28, O'Day - in Rosters and History/Builders Numbers and Nameplates; More photos and comment on Doug Pease's Aspara/Yankee # 153 Engine Cover - in Technical/Engines and Related

Mar 18 - Rick Kennedy, Boethius, Yankee # 148, San Diego, CA - an essay "Refreshing as a Great Rock" in Stories

Mar 17 - A few "Before" pictures of Cat's Paws - in Rosters; Bob McKenna's Petrel, an early O'Day, Mystic, Connecticut - in Rosters

Mar 15 - Keith Gross in Indianapolis advises he bought Cat's Paw's, Pacific Dolphin # 279, the boat that was for sale in Toledo - in Rosters; COME AND GET HER - Shane Walden is giving Tiki away - in Rosters.

Mar 14 - An extraordinary 7 minute Mystic Seaport video Simply Briilliant about Olin Stephens and his life with boats - in Stories; Ron Campbell's Valhalla, Yankee # 113, Alameda Bay, California - in Rosters

Mar 10 - Elaine and Ed Smith's Wisp - a 1962/63 O'Day, Stonington, CT - in Rosters; Erik Evens reports on his new Main for Robin Lee - in Technical and Rosters

Mar 9 - Update on Dave Stewart's Her Ladyship, a green hull Lunn built Dolphin, Mystic/Niantic, CT - in Rosters; An interesting coincidence involving Milt and Kathy Holdridge's Enticement and Tom Bimini's Cynosure - in Rosters

Mar 7 - update on Sandy van Zandt's Hound, 1961 Lunn built Dolphin - in Rosters; Dick Steinhilber's Rascal, a Marscot/O'Day Dolphin, Niantic, CT - in Rosters; Dave Stewart's Her Ladyship, a Green Lunn Built Dolphin, Mystic, CT - in Rosters

Mar 6 - updates on Stan Secora's Jato, Marscot/O'Day #7, Niantic, CT - in Rosters; updates on AJ Leventhal's Aye Jay, an early Dolphin, Niantic, CT - in Rosters

Mar 5 - Connecting Dots 1) Enticement is Cynosure, 1962 O'Day in Chesire, CT - in Rosters; 2) Denny Smith's Trump It is Dick Steinhilber's Rascal - in Rosters

March 4 - An update from Dan Levinson on his Someday Arrived, Yankee # 156 - now in Jamaica, somewhere - in Rosters

March 3 - David Etherington's newly acquired Dolphin, Yankee #193, Eugene, Oregon - in Rosters; Barbara and Don Lunn's Tillicum, a Yankee Dolphin in Waquoit's Bay, Cape Cod, Massachusettes - in Rosters; H & L Marine Woodwork, Rancho Dominguez, CA, Yankee Yachts former wood parts supplier - in Technical/Interiors

March 2 - David Le Mestre's, Davorsa, a new Zealand built Falcon 24, has obtained her European Certification (CE), and a new motor - in Roster's

March 1 - Dick Beals and Think Big, a Feature Story in Sparkman & Stephens Association 2009 Yearbook, Memorial Edition - in Stories

Feb 27 - Marionette's boom slide track repaired - in Technical/Masts and Related

Feb 26 - Sad News - Spenser McCrea's Seguro, Yankee #172 has been broken up and scrapped, Santa Barbara, California - in Rosters

Feb 24 - Updated Rob Paige and Charlie Nogle's, Kiwi #107, last reported on Flathead Lake, Montana - in Rosters; A newly rediscovered copy of a New York Times Yankee ad from March 30, 1969 - in History Section/Yankee Yachts; Additional information and photos about Ray Greene and the New Horizons 26 - in History/Ray Greene/New Horizons 26

Feb 23 - Greg Johnson's Yankee #85 Moondance, Humbolt Bay, CA gets her name corrected - in Rosters; Dots connected - Ron Perkins' Huff and Puff, 1967 Yankee - new owner found - in Rosters; Update on Mast Pumping - In Technical/Masts and related

Feb 18 - Contact with Richard Harmon's Talia, a Falcon 24 in Auckland, New Zealand - in Rosters

Feb 17 - Ad and Pictures for Yankee Dolphin For Sale/now Sold in Florence, Oregon - in Rosters; A Discussion on Wiring based on a Forum Exchange - in Technical/Electrical; Pictures of O'Day Dolphin For Sale in Huntsville, Alabama - in Rosters and For sale Section

Feb 16 - Additional info about Mast Height and Bridge Clearance - in Technical/Masts and related (at the end)

Feb 14 - Updates and edits on Phil Zerega's Teal, Marscot/O'Day #12, Southport, CT - in Rosters; Update and edits on Rosters Overview - in Rosters; Cat Paws, Pacific Dolphin #279 For Sale on CraigsList, Toledo, Ohio - in Rosters and For Sale Section; Frank Montelongo checked in with Yankee # 73 - in Rosters

Feb 13 - Wally Elsmore's Aurora, 1964 O'Day, Peak's Island (Portland/Casco Bay) Maine - in Rosters

Feb 11 - Sparkman & Stephens Giveaway - Fine Line etching prints - Dorade, Bolero, NY32, No kidding - in Sparkman & Stephens; Bob Hancock's, Pippin, Yankee #198 has a new Triad trailer - in Rosters and Technical/Trailers; A Discussion of Dolphin Mast Pumping - in Technical/Masts and Related

Feb 10 - Fred Goguen's Thankful, Pacific Dolphin #261 has a Sliding Galley too - in Technical/Interiors and Rosters

Feb 9 - Bob Hancock, Pippin, Yankee # 198, checked with a brief status report - in Rosters

Feb 7 - New pictures of Feather, Yankee # 104 For Sale in Santa Barbara, CA - in Rosters and For Sale

Feb 3 - More info about Eric Hazlitt's Orion, Yankee #178, Ithaca, NY - in For Sale Section; A new/old picture of Marionette, O'Day #12 with her Atlantic jib in a breeze off Block Island - in Rosters (toward the end); Marionette's entertainment center - in Rosters (toward the end)

Feb 2 - Dolphin 24 Sailboat now listed on Wikipedia

2/1 - Editing and new picture for Marionette's Transom Hatch, Engine Well and Related - in Technical

Jan 31 - New picture and editing for "The Man in the Red Checkered Shirt" - a Mystery Solved - in Stories; Rob van Tassell's Tango Il, Yankee # 244, Washington, DC - in Rosters

Jan 29 - Veninde, a Shaw 24, For Sale in Colchester, VT - in Rosters, and For Sale Section; Orion, Yankee #178, new pictures and For Sale in Ithaca, NY - in Rosters and For Sale Section

Jan 28 - Gordon Thompson's Suzanne, (now Richard O'Connell's Fire Escape ) Pacific Dolphin #299 had her hanging locker converted to a set of drawers - in Technical/Interiors

Jan 27 - Repairing a Boom Gooseneck, Track Slide Car and Track , and a couple of short stories - Now In Technical/ Masts, Booms and related, and also in Stories (Dec 4, 2008)

Jan 25 - Found in the Sailnet Archives a post by Jim Huxford (Ille aux Galets, Yankee #221,) first Dolphin 24 webmaster - in Stories; Bob and Frank Deichmeister's Mo-Dean, Yankee # 237, Alexandria, VA has her own page at the Daingerfield Island Sailing Club - in Rosters

Jan 23 - Updates/edits on details of Number of Dolphins Built, and by Whom - in History

Jan 21 - 1969 Main Sail Dolphin Logo Tracing from original mainsail on Yankee #118, Yankee's photo boat for their 1969 catalogue - in Technical/Design Drawings, Sail Plans and Sails

Jan 20 - A new picture of Cove Dweller, Yankee # 111 - in Rosters

Jan 10 - A new photo of Wilmette Harbor, Ilinois, home of 15 Dolphins, with Chicago on the skyline - in Stories

Jan 7 - New pictures and revelations about Jay Picotte's Recovery - in Rosters and Restorations

Jan 6 - Don Barnett's Casandra Rose, O'Day # 56, Eugene, OR, a story of a Dolphin rescue - in Rosters and Stories; A custom Dolphin Drink Holder for Dolphins with wood combings - in Technica/Miscellaneous

Jan 3 - More pictures of Davarsa - in Rosters; Siobhan Hall has checked in with an update on Glass Spider, an SS 24 in Auckland, NZ - in Rosters

Jan 2 - a 1976 NZ Yachting and Boating article on the S&S 24 sent in by David LeMestre (Davarsa) ; plus an S&S spec sheet on the Falcon 24 and an undated used boat test report on the Falcon 24 - in Technical/Fin Keel Dolphins built in New Zealand

Jan 1, 2009





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