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The Yankee (Seahorse) 24 - Not a Dolphin  

June 2, 2009. Over the past couple of years we have received several inquiries about the Yankee 24, sometimes confused with the Yankee built Dolphin 24. Doug Pease (Aspara) found a 1972? brochure for this boat which you can see by clicking here.

This is the cover picture.

There is no mention of 'Seahorse" in this brochure but a couple of owners who contacted the website called it a Yankee Seahorse 24.

The boat was designed by a Robert Finch for Yankee. While it is really a different boat it seems that it picked up some elements from the Dolphin 24, which was last produced by Yankee in 1972, and the year this boat introduced - we think. The following is a comparison of some key items

Item Yankee 24 Yankee Dolphin 24 O'Day/Marscot Dolphin 24
LOA 23' 9" 24' 2" 24'
LWL 20.0' 19' 19'
Beam 7' 10.5" 7''  8" 7' 8"
Displacement 2900 4250 lbs 4544
power (standard) fold down transom OB transom well OB Palmer inboard
Draft board up 1' 10" 2' 10" 2' 10"
Draft board down 4' 8" 5' 2" 5' 2"
Sail area 226.8 sq ft 296 sq ft 281 sq ft
internal lead keel  600 lbs 1650 lbs  n.a.
external lead keel n.a. n.a. 1440
lead ballasted glass centerboard 250 lbs yes, weight ? n.a.
bronze centerboard n.a. n.a. 120 lbs
Pop Top  yes no no
lower shrouds single in line double single in line

The following is a quote from the owner of Misty, a Yankee 24 up on Flathead Lake in Montana

" The arrangements in the cabin are a mirror image of what you have on the web page for a Dolphin and it’s got that ‘pop top’ that raises the roof line high enough for me to stand upright"


The galley

The dinette

The fold down transom mount - looks like a back up system is being used


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