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What's New - 2008

and we wish you

Fair Winds and Calm Seas

Dec 31 - More pictures of Davarsa - in Rosters

Dec 30 - Some new pictures of David Le Mestre's Davarsa, nee Natine, the New Zealand built Falcon 24 that sailed from NZ to France - in Rosters

Dec 29 - A new page on Booms - in Technical/Masts, Booms and related; Erik Evens updates his work on Yankee # 118, Robin Lee's boom and new sails - in Rosters

Dec 27 - A page on New Masts - in Technical/Masts, Booms and related; A new page for interesting internet articles on mast design, stability and related issues - -in Technical/Masts, Booms and related

Dec 25 -

Season's Greetings - Marionette at Bucks Harbor, Maine

Dec 24 - Update and pictures of Marionette's Autohelm ST1000+ autopilot, and its custom tiller bracket - in Technical/Rudders, Tillers, Autopilots and Related

Dec 23 - A picture of Rod Stephens's book, Lessons From the Sea, and a link to read online, or download, and edit updates - in History/Rod Stephens; Some additional commentary on Rod Stephens from Olin Stephens' autobiography All This and Sailing Too , at the end - in History/Olin Stephens

Dec 22 - Rick and Brenda Warren's Loki, Pacific Dolphin #277, San Rafael, California FOR SALE - in Rosters

Dec 21 - Some new centerboard and half model information about George Watts' Odile - in Rosters

Dec 17 - Some additional imput to the Olin Stephens Memorial from Sailing Magazine's November, 2008 issue - in Stories/Olin Stephens Memorial: Ed Maxwell's Peerless has new pictures from the early 1970's - in Rosters

Dec 16 - George Watts' half model of Odile, a steel centerboard and some additional info - in Rosters

Dec 13 - Kevin O'Leary's Delphinidae, Pacific Dolphin # 256 is NOT FOR SALE, and a couple of new pictures - in Rosters

Dec 12 - Doug Berg sent in some newly unearthed, 1960's pictures of Black Dolphin, the family's Lunn built hull #L219 - in Rosters; Updates on Lunn Laminates, early builder of Dolphins - in History/Lunn Laminates

Dec 11 - Editing changes and a new picture of Marionette's Trailer - in Technical/Trailers

Dec 9 - Tom DeLamarter's, Kiwi, Yankee #170 with new pictures and a plan to navigate the canals of France and more - Montenegro - in Rosters; Kiwi's Sliding Galley -in Technical/Interiors; Liz Davies (Mom) updates Dorado, Yankee # 86 latest move -to San Diego - in Rosters; Les Bailey, new owner of Mandalay, Pacific Dolphin #276, Gibsons Landing (Vancouver) British Columbia - in Rosters

Dec 8 - 50 years ago Olin Stephens got off the phone with George O'Day and wrote the internal S&S memo that we now know as the 'birth certificate'   - in History; An update from Jim Robinson, Aquila, Pacific Dolphin # 273 - in Rosters



Our 4th Dolphin24.org Newsletter has been sent.This 50th year commerative newsletter is a redirect to http://www.dolphin24.org/newsletter4.html where it can be viewed with pictures and in color, without a download hassle - in Home/Newsletter Archives Section



Dec 7 - Repairing a boom gooseneck track and slide car, with a couple of short stories - in Stories

Dec 5 - Jim Robinson's Aquila, Pacific Dolphin # 273, Morro Bay, California checking in - In Rosters; Repairing a Sloppy Rudder Shaft - In Technical/Rudders,Tillers, Autopilots and Related

Dec 2 - Bodes Well, O'Day #29 - details of equipment and condition - in For Sale Section

Nov 30 - Mast Tabernacles and Hinge Plates - this is a new page in the Technical Section and it starts with a question from Mike Zint about Grand Finale's mast tabernacle; a picture of Eric Varty's interesting mast plate on Canopache, Yankee # 188; David Baumer's hinging mast plate on Aeyla Makaira, Yankee # 81- in Technical/Masts and Related and Rosters; Centerboard winches - new photos and commentary from David Baumer, Aeyla Makaira, Yankee # 81- in Technical/Centerboard winches and Related and in Rosters

Nov 27 - Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Nov 26 - Frank Bellizia's Bodes Well, O'Day # 29, Southport Island (Boothbay), Maine FOR SALE - in For Sale Section

Nov 25 - Fred Goguen's update on Thankful's Vire 7 inboard - in Rosters

Nov 22 - Some new pictures in Marionette meets Ragtime in Maine - in Stories

Nov 21 - Harry Avery's Pacific Dolphin # 261, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey - in Rosters

Nov 19 - More on Transom Motor Wells and Plugs - in Technical/Auxiliary Power, Engines and Related

Nov 18 - Mast Stepping - a discussion and resource - in Technical/Masts and Related

Nov 17 - Fred Goguen's system for raising/lowering Thankful's mast - In Technical/Mast Related; More history on Thankful - in Rosters

Nov 16 - Donna and Bill Johnson's Courtship, Hull # 42?, 1972 Yankee?, Detroit, Michigan - in Rosters; Mo-Dean, Yankee # 237 seen on the Potomac - in Rosters; Kerry Lange has a report on Kaloke, Mermaid 24 - in Restorations

Nov 12 - Field Investigator Brian Henderson reporting in from San Carlos, north of Sonora, Mexico, with 2 'new' Yankee Dolphins, #100, and # 238 - Stay tuned - in Rosters

Nov 11 - Centerboard winches - in Technical/Centerboards and Related

Nov 9 - Some new pictures and an update on Erik Evens' Robin Lee, Yankee # 118 - in Rosters; David Baumer sent in some pictures of Yankee # 81, Aeyla Makaira's transom well and plug - in Rosters and Technical; Marionette's transom well and plug - in Technical

Nov 8 - Newly discovered old pictures of first Dolphin webmaster Jim Huxford's Ile aux Galet, Yankee # 241, Lake Carlyle, Illinois - in Stories/Rosters; Scott Hoenschen's Dancing Dolphin, Yankee #149, Alimatos Bay, California - in Rosters; An email from the past - Dianne Davis' Kestrel, Yankee # 110, Pocasset, Massachusetts - in Rosters

Nov 4 - Yankee Dolphin For Sale on Craigs List - in Seattle - in Rosters/For Sale Sections

Nov 2 - Online interactive guides for hardware, blocks and line - in Technical/Hardware, Rigging and Layouts

Nov 1 - Kevin O'Leary's Delphinidae, Pacific Dolphin #256, San Diego, CA - FOR SALE - in For Sale Section

Oct 28 - Marionette's Masthead Light and her pig stick - in Technical/Mast Related

Oct 27 - An update Mike Zint's Grand Finale's restoration - in Rosters

Oct 26 - Davarsa/Natine with new interior pictures - in Rosters and Technical/Interiors

Oct 22 - Hannah Brownell's Dolphin, Yankee # 114, Mattapoisett, Massachusettes - in Rosters

Oct 20 - Seguro, Yankee Dolphin #172 For Sale $300! - now anchored in the year round anchorage, Santa Barbara, California Hurry!! - in For Sale Section and Rosters

Oct 19 - Petrel, an O'Day Dolphin last seen in Mystic, CT in 1999 - in Rosters; Edwin Fisher's Tantivy, an O'Day? in eastern CT - in Rosters

Oct 17 - David Le Mestre's Davarsa, a Falcon 24, formerly Natine (who sailed from New Zealand to France), Brittany, France - in Rosters; Dick Loomis' The Babe, Yankee # 212 gets a new work tent - in Rosters

Oct 16 - Mandalay, Pacific Dolphin # 276 is For Sale, price reduced, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - in For Sale Section and Rosters; Some updates and edits on Marionette's Trailer - in Stories and Technical

Oct 15 - Marionette's mast gets new spreader bracket blocks - in Technical

Oct 14 - Updates on the Museum of Yachting visit and a picture of Cherokee - in Stories

Oct 11 - David Baumer's Aeyla Makaira, Yankee # 81, Norfolk, Virginia - in Rosters; Cynosure, early O'Day Dolphin, For Sale, in Chesire, CT. price reduced - in Rosters

Oct 10 - A Picture of The Babe, Dick Loomis' Yankee # 212 - in Rosters; Another picture of Jim Sutro's Duckling, Yankee # 84 - in Rosters

Oct 9 - Dick Loomis' Yankee # 212 now has a name - The Babe - in Rosters; A 1960 Marscot/O'Day for sale in Huntsville, Alabama - in Rosters and For Sale Sections

Oct 7 - Some pictures of Peter and Carol King's Mahi-Mahi, Yankee # 166, Noank, CT - in Rosters; Don Gardner's Menehune, Marscot/O'Day # 10, Bellport, New York - in Rosters

Oct 6 - Some new information about Enticement, an early O'Day - in Rosters; Some 1999 pictures of Passage, O'Day # 10 - in Rosters; New photos of Tim Busse's Brigadoon, Yankee # 102, Lake Carlyle, Illinois - in rosters at the end

Oct 5 - 'Teer gets a new upper bunk for her winter nap - in Stories/'Teer, at the end; Storage solutions in Marionette's Barn - in Stories at the end. A Work Shop Tools addition to Marionette's Barn - in Stories

Oct 3 - Former owner Bryce Wills sent in some super pictures of Wanderlust, Yankee #150, Olympia, Washington - in Rosters

Sept 29 - Natine, a fin keel Dolphin, New Zealand built Falcon 24 sails from New Zealand to Brittany, France - in Stories and Rosters; Maltese Falcon photo update on Dick Loomis' Yankee # 212 page - in Rosters

Sept 28 - A progress report from "Down Under" - Alan Mountford's Falcon 24 Blue Gum is getting a fancy cockpit and new sole - in Technical/Fin Keel Dolphins and Rosters; Dick Loomis' Yankee # 212, Calistogo (San Francisco Bay), California - in Rosters; An update from Jim Sutro, Duckling, # 84, San Francisco, CA - in Rosters

Sep 27 - Some owner comments on Dolphin outboard motors - in Technical; Todd Wheaton's Karana, Yankee # 205, Conrad, Texas - in Rosters; Gary and Terri King's So Nice, Yankee #137, Lake Texoma, OK

Sept 26 - The Kane family's DaScosha, Lake Cayuga, Ithaca, NY - in Rosters; Les Breelands?' A-Breeze, Yankee #171 - in Rosters; Ken Thompson's Charisma, Yankee # 208, Brookings, Oregon - in Rosters; Harold Shomaker's Sailing Solace, Pacific Dolphin # 280, Palm Harbor, FL - in Rosters ; Craig Burkhead's Aviva, 1967 Yankee, Alameda, Caifornia - in Rosters

Sept 25 - Dick Beal's Think Big, Yankee # 146, Marina del Rey, California, an extraordinary story - in Rosters and Stories

Sept 24 - Lorca's Yankee Dolphin FOR SALE, Richmond, California - in Rosters and For Sale; An interesting link to electric motors made in Sweden - in Technical/Electric Motors

Sept 23 - Clark DuBois's Peridot, Marscot/O'Day #14, Southport, CT - in Rosters; The Kane family's DaScosha, Ithaca, NY - in Rosters; A start on 'Electric Motors" - in Technical

Sept 22 - updates and changes in Yankee Yachts - in History; updates on Charlie Drew's Arion - in Rosters

Sept 21 - Pictures of Charie Drew's Arion, Yankee #71, the first Yankee built by Yankee Yachts Founder, John Shumaker - in Rosters; John Ambrose's Amber Rose, Yankee #72, built 1964/65 - in Rosters; The Man in the Red Checkered Shirt - in Stories

Sept 19 - Grand Finale starts on her restoration path, and maybe a Dolphin rendezvous at Santa Catalina Island in the Fall 2009? - in Rosters, at the end; Seminole's sliding galley - in Technical

Sept 17 - An Olin Stephens Memorial - in History and Stories

Sept 15 - Mike Zint's Grand Finale, Pacific Dolphin # 300 (The Last Dolphin?), Phoenix, Arizona - in Rosters




Sept 14 - Olin Stephens passed away on Sept 13 at 100 years young. He will be missed.






Sept 14 - Dave Knickerbocker's Akela, O'Day # 67, Douglaston, NY - in Rosters

Sept 13 - Ralph Heinzerling sent us a picture of Jack Rabbit under spinnaker at the 1967 Block Island Race Week - in Rosters

Sept 12 - We have found Yankee, #71 - the first Dolphin 24 built by John Shumaker, founder of Yankee Yachts. She is now Arion, owned by Charlie Drew, Setauket, NY - in Rosters

Sept 9 - Dave Alden's #169 reported sold - in Rosters

Sept 7 - Halcyon, a Lunn built Dolphin, has been bought by the Sullivans and is racing again with the Wilmette, Illinois fleet - in Rosters

Sept 6 - Erik Evens' Robin, nee Sunchaser, gets a spiffy new bottom, with pictures - in Rosters

Sept 5 - A visit to the Museum of Yachting, Newport, RI - in Stories; Some more pictures of Windsong, Newport, RI - in Rosters

Sept 4 - "Getting our Act Together" - A91 and Marionette in Maine - in Stories/Atlantics at the end

Sept 3 - Scott Prato's Yankee # 93 - in Rosters

August 31 - Excerpts of Gordon Thompson's Dolphin 24 website. He is the former owner of Suzanne, Pacific Dolphin #299 (now Richard McConnell's Fire Escape) - in Stories

August 29 - Feather, Yankee # 104 is FOR SALE - in For Sale Section

August 28 - Tim Blair's Capricorn is FOR SALE - In For Sale section; Updated For Sale information on Petaluna/Kestrel - in For Sale section; Dolphin found in Simi Valley, California - in Rosters

August 17 - Rob Van Tassel is the new owner of Psycho, Yankee # 244, formerly owned by The Sailing Club of Washington, DC - in Rosters

August 13 - Craig's List ad for the Tigeras, New Mexico Yankee Dolphin - in Rosters

August 12 - Han van Diemen's Arlette, a Shaw 24 in Dronton, the Netherlands - in Rosters

August 11 - Field Investgator Erik Evens has found his Dolphin, ROBIN, formerly Sunchaser, Yankee #118 is now his - in Rosters

August 10 - Marionette meets Ragtime, a short story - in Stories/Marionette

August 6 - Some new pictures of Marionette's traveller and Autohelm 1000 - in Restorations/Marionette; A picture of The Rachel K showing her lighter section mast - in Rosters

July 31 - Serendipity update - in Rosters

July 30 - Serendipity  Yankee #179 has a new owner and is moving from Texas to Georgia - in Rosters

July 27 - Dolphin reported for sale in New Mexico - on the Forum (in Rosters when we get a name and/or hull number); An interesting link on the Rod Stephens' page and an email from Chris Becker on his frustrating search for a Dolphin - in Rod Stephens/History

July 23 - Feather, a Yankee Dolphin, Santa Barbara, California - in Rosters

July 22 - More on Gary Delong's Savili, Lunn's Laminate's first Dolphin?, with pictures and a nameplate - Rosters

July 21 - Jim Kurt's The Rachel K, Marscot/O'Day Hull # 4, has some interesting new pictures - in Rosters

July 8 - Gary DeLong checked in with an update on his Lunn built Savili - in Rosters

July 7 - Don Zimmer checked in with Flipper, O'Day hull # 22, Amityville, Great South Bay, New York - in Rosters; Some updated info on Darwin - in Rosters

July 5 - Simeon Hyde, former owner of Tern, adds more to her story - in Rosters; Marionette won her class at the Off Soundings Club 75th Annual Spring Series out to and around Block Island - in Stories

July 4 - Tracking down more info and pictures on Fred Balfour's Tern, a Yankee on the Pocasset River - in Rosters

July 1 - A partial list of books used as material references for this website - in History

June 30 - Some additional info about, and a neat picture of, Jim Kurt's The Rachel K, Marscot/O'Day hull #4 up in Bucks Harbor, Maine - in Rosters

June 19 - a very interesting article from Dolphin owner (Kiwi) Rob Paige that appeared in the June 1977 Pacific Skipper magazine, and letter responses from 2 Dolphin owners including a couple from Chalie Nogle who sailed Kiwi from San Francisco to the South Pacific islands (and back!!) - in Stories

June 18 - Marionette's battery and battery charger set up - in Technical

June 17 - David Baumer found Yankee #81 down in the Chesapeake area and sent in a photo - in Rosters; Alan Brothers, Acamar, sent in a 1977 Lindskey Yacht Sales Ad for a new Pacific Dolphin that used his Yankee # 139 as the photo boat - in Rosters

June 16 - Fred Goquen's Thankful, Yankee #261 now has pictures. Also, Fred has found another Dolphin on Peaks Island, Maine - stay tuned - in Rosters

June 15 - Scott Salzar has checked in with Promise, Yankee # 155, Sitka, Alaska - in Rosters

June 5 - Will Kruse has checked in with #95, his 1968 Yankee, Albion, California, - formerly Steve Barnes' Francis - in Rosters; Ron Campbell has checked in with Valhalla, a 1969 Yankee in Alameda, California - in Rosters

May 30 - Doug Pease comments on Aspara's Yanmar Diesel and her unique engine cover - in Technical

May 28 - Additional info/comments on sails - in Sail Plan/Technical

May 22 - Nate checked in on the Forum with Gandalf, a 1968 Yankee, in Sausalito, California - in Rosters

May 21 - Yankee # 102 Brigadoon first owners Walt and Marta Crichlow checking in - in Rosters

May 19 - Doug Pease's Aspara, Yankee #153, has her story with Doug told in wonderful detail, with pictures - in Rosters

May 18 - Ed Purcell's Just Friends under her colorful spinnaker passing Block Island's Southeast Light, circa 1990 - in Rosters

May 13- Carl Harrington Yankee Girl Ester, nee Poisson d' Avril, Yankee #89 has some local news and pictures - in Rosters

May 11 - Gian Bowles' Quest, Yankee # 72, Channel Islands Harbor, California - in Rosters

May 8 - Rowland Thompson's Thistle, Yankee #99, Olympia, Washington is under going some major upgrades, and will be part of an expanded ownership. - in Rosters

May 5 - A Lunn built Dolphin FOR SALE in Waukegan, Illinois - in the For Sale Section; Compass Rose re-launched - a Shaw 24 in Freeland, Washington - in Rosters

April 28 - OJ Young's Elva, a fiberglass hull Shaw 24 - in Rosters

April 22 - Brenden Zimmerman's Blackjack is no longer for sale. He and his brother decided to keep her - in Rosters; Spencer MacRae bought Seguro, Yankee # 172 - in Rosters

April 21 - Eric has checked in with his newly aquired Dorado, a 1961 Lunn built Dolphin, hull # 208, somewhere in Kentucky - in Rosters

April 15 - Yankee # 169 FOR SALE in Grosse Pointe, Michigan - in For Sale Section

April 14 - Some pictures and a 1999 ad for Steve Dubnoff's, now Jack van Zandt's, Wanderlust - in Rosters; Greg Johnson's Shastra (Moondance) , Yankee # 85, Humbolt Bay, California - in Rosters

April 13 - Olin Stephens is 100 years old today

April 5 - Halsey's Elizabeth, an early Dolphin is undergoing some rework due to the 'infamous sheer clamp" and replacing the main bulkhead. An exchange of emails resulted - in Technical/Repairs and in Rosters/Elizabeth

April 4 - Robin Farrand's and John Rogers' Compass Rose, a 1966 Shaw 24, Freeland, Washington - in Rosters; An interesting February 13, 1964 Rod Stephens memo about seemingly bootlegged Shaw 24's with fiberglass hulls built in Texas - in History/Trina and Rosters/Ariadne

April 3 - Hal White's IMP, a Tripp built Dolphin, western Long Island Sound - in Rosters; Jay Picotte has sent in a photo of Recovery's nameplate - built by F.L. Tripp & Sons Westport, MA - in Technical/Nameplates/Builders/Numbers

April 1 - Brendan Zimmermann's Blackjack, a 1973 Yankee, FOR SALE, in Ames, Iowa - In Rosters and For Sale Sections

March 30 - Nick and Kim King's Pelagos S&S 24 - Nelson, South Island, New Zealand; with support photos of their beautiful sailing area taken by your webmaster on a 1997 bareboat charter. - in Rosters; Newly discovered photos of Dolphin 24 Hull # 1 - in Rosters; A Bill Shaw re-write with new pictures and drawings - In History/Bill Shaw

March 28 - US Yachts 1962 flyer and price list and revised text - in History/US Yachts; Picture found of an early Dolphin with sail # 56 - we need help in identifying the crew and sailing area - in Rosters

March 27 - Andy Anderson has sent in a late 60's photo of Tigress - in Rosters; Terry Bullock has decided to keep sailing Yankee #109 She has been removed from the For Sale page.

March 26 - On this date one year ago the first page of this website went up on the Web

March 25 - New Trina drawing - in History/Trina

March 22 - Paul Ingle, Seminole, sent in a copy of a 1958 Yachting Magazine article about Trina - in History/Trina

March 21 - Some interesting history tidbits from Paul Ingle, Seminole, Pacific Dolphin #284 - in Rosters; A keeper photo from the S&S 75th Anniversay celebrations - in Rosters/Passage, at the end on the page, and in Stories/S&S 75th Anniversary

March 18 - Newsletter # 3 sent - in Home/Newsletter Archives; Aaron Erickson reports a  Dolphin sighting (Kono) on the Big Island, Hawaii - in Rosters

March 17 - Richard Mc Connell's Fire Escape nameplate - in Technical/Miscellaneous/Nameplates/Builder's Numbers


March 9 - WHIMBREL, Yankee # 117, Gagetown, New Brunswick, Canada reported sold - in Rosters; Tillicum, a Yankee Dolphin reported in Waquoit Bay, Cape Cod, MA - in Rosters

March 5 - NEW! - a Google based search engine is now installed for the website. Just click the search link on the upper left and then type in the keywords. You can search the site alone or the web. Unfortunately, Google will display ads on the search page. We are working on how to eliminate this - and we are still working on trying to eliminate Google ads on the Forum. The unfortunate reality is that, except for the programming required to set these systems up, the services are offered free from Goggle - except they get to advertise on your site.

March 1 - A new subsection on Dolphin auxilliary power/engines - in Technical

February 28 - Jerry Lemann's Centaurus, a Shaw 24 yawl, Hull # 17, New Orleans, LA - in Rosters by Name; Siobhan Hall's Glass Spider, an S&S 24 built in New Zealand, on her mooring in  Waitemata Harbour, Auckland, NZ - in Rosters

February 25 - Fred Balfour's Tern, a 1972? Yankee, Pocasset River, upper Buzzards Bay, Massachusettes - in Rosters

February 24 - Francisco Arcos' Gandul, Pacific Dolphin # 255, Malaga, Spain - in Rosters; John Shumaker's Yankee, Hull # 71, Inglewood, CA - in Rosters

February 22 - Sam and Susan Hutt's So Nice, Yankee #137, Port Charlotte, Florida FOR SALE - In Rosters and For Sale

February 19 - Jack Hubbard's Hornet, a Tripp (#5?) built Dolphin, Noank, CT - in Rosters

February 17 - The Sailing Club of Washington (SCOW) sent in a picture of Psycho - in Rosters; Reinhard Sarges' Velero, Yankee # 117, Mystic, CT - in Rosters

February 16 - Yankee # 117 FOR SALE in New Brunswick, Canada - in Rosters and For Sale

February 15 - Cap't Buzz Nicols' Wind Dancer II, a 1972 Yankee hull # 228, Baltimore, MD - in Rosters; A picture of Spirit of Fellowship's Lunn nameplate - in Rosters and in Technical/Miscellaneous/Nameplates and Builder's Numbers; Conversation with John Shumaker, founder of Yankee Yachts results in some new information and editorial changes - in History/Yankee Yachts

February 13 - Refinishing and painting masts - in Technical

February 12 - more on Harold Rogers' (Lady Doris) exchange of letters with Rob Paige, author of Choosing a Cruising Boat - in Rosters

February 11 - The Roberts' Serendipity now has pictures - in Rosters

February 10 - George O'Day's March 1960 ad that introduced the Dolphin 24 - in History

February 9 - Fred Gogue's Thankful, Pacific Dolphin # 261, Peaks Is, Casco Bay, Maine has her own page - in Rosters; Louis Claassen's Spirit of Fellowship, a 1961 Lunn, Hull # L223, Lake Roosevelt, (eastern) Washington - in Rosters

February 8 - Another installment from Doug Graham and Big Dot's Single Handed TransPac to Hawaii - in Stories; New FOR SALE section set up. See Link at left; Mandalay, Pacific Dolphin FOR SALE in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - in Rosters and For Sale Sections ; Ray Perkin's 1967 Yankee FOR SALE, San Luis Opispo, California - in Rosters and For Sale Sections

February 7 - Steve and Lori Roberts' Serendipity, Yankee # 179 FOR SALE, Corpus Christi, Texas - in Rosters

February 5 - Siobhan Hall's Glass Spider, an S&S 24 somewhere in New Zealand - in Rosters; Captain Dan's Someday Arrived, Yankee # 156, Miami, Florida - in Rosters; Rob Paige's Kiwi Yankee # 107, Santa Barbara, California. This boat has been to Hawaii and the South Pacific Islands!!! - in Rosters; Harold Rogers' Lady Doris, Pacific Dolphin # 274 - Ben Lomand, California - in Rosters; New technical subject - Dodgers, tent flys, biminis and related - in Miscellaneous/Technical

February 4 - Pictures of our Adriatic Dolphin, Tom Delamarter's Kiwi, Yankee Hull # 170 - in Rosters; Doug Graham, Big Dot, tells us why he did the Single Handed Transpac - in Rosters and Stories

February 1 - John Hartigan's Alegro, nee Peerless and Hound - in Rosters

January 31 - Jeff Burt's Nalina, an O'Day Dolphin, Sachems Head, Guilford, Connecticut - in Rosters: A Long Overdue Reorganization of the boats by hull number - in Hull Numbers Section/Rosters; A picture of Ed Colie's Sambo and new information about the acquisition of this boat - in Rosters; E. Fisher's Tantivy, Guilford, CT - in Rosters; Brigg's Rob Roy III, New Haven, Connecticut - in Rosters; A rediscovered picture of Enticement, Mystic, CT - in Rosters

January 30 - A Lunn Laminates Dolphin nameplate - in Misc/Nameplates, Technical Index

January 29 - More information from Jim Francis about Fantasy's mast and rig - in Rosters; More information about 'go fast' stuff that Andy Anderson's Tigress had in her arsenal - in Rosters

January 28 - Pictures of Joe Walden's Tiki - in Rosters; Jeff Burt's O'Day Dolphin in Guilford, CT - in Rosters; Jack Hubbard's Hornet, a yellow hull O'Day/Lunn? Dolphin, Noank, CT - in Rosters; Ed Purcell's Just Friends, O'Day # 20, Mystic, CT - in Rosters; Updates on George Sosman's Mei-Mei, O'Day # 20 - Groton, CT - in Rosters; Jim Francis' Fantasy, a 1976 Pacific Dolphin, Essex, CT - in Rosters; Lochlin Syme's Skua, an early Yankee Dolphin, Essex, CT - in Rosters

January 27 - Sandy van Zandt's Hound, a Lunn built Dolphin, Noank, CT - in Rosters; Edward Maxwell's Peerless, (nee Hound), Noank, CT - in Rosters; Ed Colie's Sambo, a Lunn built Dolphin, Staten Island, New York - in Rosters; George Watt's Odile, (nee Sambo) Sachems Head, Guilford, Connecticut - in Rosters; Ron Noe's En Charette, one of the first Lunn built Dolphins, Essex, Connecticut - in Rosters

January 26 - Best of the Best photos and excerpts from Francis S. Kinney's 1996 book - in History

January 25 - Andy Anderson's Tigress, O'Day # 20, Stonington, Connecticut - in Rosters

January 24 - Kevin O'Leary's Delphinidae, Pacific Dolphin # 256, San Diego, CA checking in with pictures - in Rosters

January 23 - Elizabeth sends in a teaser sequence of pictures - in Rosters

January 22 - Re-organization of Technical Section - The Technical Link at the left now has only one pop up item - an Index.  When clicked, it takes you to an alphabetical list of Technical Section items. This change was necessary as there were too many items to list as pop-ups on the Link. It also provides capacity for future additions; Sean Walden's Tiki, an O'Day Dolphin, Branford, CT - in Rosters; Tracking down Orin Jones' Lady an early O'Day Dolphin, Guilford, CT - in Rosters

January 21 - Halsey's Elizabeth, a 1961 O'Day - on the northern Hudson River, New York - in Rosters; Loki, Yankee # 277 For Sale with slip in Sausalito, CA - in Rosters (at the end of the page); Corpus Christi Yankee Dolphin For Sale in Corpus Christi, Texas - on Craigs List - in Rosters; More info and a new picture on Flite's reflotation effort - in Rosters (at the end of the page)

January 19 - Aaron Erickson's Flite, Yankee #183 in Hawaii sinks, but is refloated - in Rosters

January 18 - Tom DeLamarter's Kiwi, a Yankee Dolphin sailing in the Adriatic, Montenegro - in Rosters; Belize Yankee, a Yankee Dolphin sighting in Placenia, Belize - in Rosters

January 16 - Some PHRF numbers for Mark Chramiec's Windsong, Newport, RI - in Rosters

January 15 - Reorganization and some re-editing of the History Section continues. The History Link at the left now has only one pop up menu item which, when clicked, takes you to a List of History Section items. The Overview has been rewritten, and the builders Lunn Laminates, J.J.Taylor and Sons and F.L. Tripp & Sons now have their own sub sections

January 14 - Pacific Dolphin sighting - Pacific Dolphin # 271, Columbia Crossing, Hayden Bay, near Portland, OR - in Rosters; Yankee Dolphin sighting in Placencia, Belize - in Rosters

January 13 - Number of Dolphins Built, By Who and When - in History Webmaster Note: This is the first step in a reorganization of the History Section in a manner similar to the Stories Section. The number of History related subjects are becoming too numerous to list in the pop up menu link on the left. This History Section, and eventually the Technical Section as well, will have alphabetical listings which should make it easier to find topics of interest. This will also facilitate the 'book project' looming in the future. Patience...

January 8 - Visit with Olin Stephens on January 7 - in Olin Stephens/History

January 5 - Chris McPherson's Gaia, Yankee # 233, San Diego, CA checking in - in Rosters; Editorial changes re Shamon, in Rosters; Introducing a new section on Masts and related matters - in Technical

January 4 - Some new information on Darwin - in Rosters

January 3, 2008 - Richard McConnell's Fire Escape, Paradise, CA - new picture and update - in Rosters; newly rediscovered picture of Dick Galland's Kestral, now Tim Blair's Petaluma, thanks to Gordon Thompson - in Rosters





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