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Dolphin 24 Newsletter #3

March 18, 2008


Welcome to our new, newsletter subscribers. We now have 70 on our list. You can view this newsletter or any prior newsletter on the website by going to http://www.dolphin24.org/newsletter_home.html, or when on the website, click the Home link at the upper left and then Newsletter Archives.

Website Statistics

I thought you might like to know how the website is doing regarding its statistics. For February key statistics are:

Total visitors – 5216

Total new visitors – 1241

Total returning visitors – 3976

Average length of visit 2 minutes, 38 seconds

Top entry pages

    Home – 21.6%

    Introduction – 19.5%

    What’s New – 18.3%

    Forum (all categories) – 23.1%

    For Sale – 7.8%

    Roster by number – 5.1%

    Roster by name – 4.6%

    Top Search Engine – Google 81%

Search Engine/Forum

We have a new Google Search Engine which will let you search either the site, or the Web. The link is at the top on the left. The good news is that, except for 2 hours programming costs we had to pay for, this is a “Free Service”. The bad news is that we have to put up with ads that Google posts on the target search page. We have the same good news/bad news on the Forum. This is a business model that will work for them until we get approached by Rolex or Volvo to host the site and then we can afford to buy out from this annoyance. I have looked at alternatives but this seems best economic/functional arrangement so far.

New "For Sale" Link

We have a new For Sale section which seems to be a good thing. We need to keep it updated so if any of you have a boat up there that has been sold, or know of a boat for sale please let us know.

Rob Paige’s Kiwi

This boat has been to Hawaii and the South Pacific Islands. We have been unable to track down Rob or Kiwi. If you have any news about either please let us know. These Kiwis are an adventuresome bunch - another Dolphin 24 named Kiwi found its way to the Adriatic and Montenegro. Owner Tom Delamarter and spouse are planning a cruise on the French canals this summer. You can check out both of these boats by going to the Roster and clicking on Kiwi.

Technical and History Sections Reorganized

These sections have been reorganized with alphabetical indexes. Hopefully, they are now more functional. Any suggestions on how to make these sections better much appreciated. Also, we need new content to build out these sections.

The "Book"

Most of you know that I am working on producing a book about the Dolphin 24, based on the website. I have nearly 100 pages in draft form already in Microsoft Publisher – I guess 300+ plus to go. Goal is to complete this project by Jan/Feb, 2009. I visited with Olin Stephens on January 7 at his home in New Hampshire to review the site with him and to show him a very preliminary rough draft. You can see my report on this trip by going to http://www.dolphin24.org/olinstephensvisitjan708.html

Spring is here for those of us in northern climes so its time to get in the barn and get our Dolphins ready. To those of you planning circumnavigations or other cruises to interesting places please keep your logs and bring your camera. We need more Stories about racing and cruising in Dolphins. Your webmaster will do his part by sailing Marionette to Maine. To those of you rebuilding and restoring, you have our moral support.

Please let me know your comments and suggestions. Thanks for your continuing support of the website. Next week we will be 1 year old!

Ron Breault



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