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Index - A History of the Dolphin 24 - Click the underlined to go to that subject (updated August 28, 2019)

Addicted to Sail - a book by Norris Hoyt

Best of the Best - Best designs book by Francis S. Kinney, Norton, 1996

Birth Certificate of the Dolphin 24 - December 8, 1958

Brewer, Ted - Boat comparison article in Good Old Boat Magazine Sept/Oct 2005

Charles J. Koch Trophy - Off Sounding Club - Dolphin Racing, 1965-1980

Class Flag

Dick Carlson, Designer of Medea, the first MORC built boat

Dorade - A kind of Dolphin

Early Dolphin 24 Dealer Brochure

Fiberglass in Boats - How it came to be, Dan Spurr's, Heart of Glass

Finisterre - The Dolphin's master gene provider

Greene, Ray - Fiberglass boat pioneer who got S&S into fiberglass auxiliaries

Huxford, Jim - First Dolphin 24 webmaster (RIP)

Lunn Laminates - A Port Washington/Huntington, New York, early Dolphin builder

Marscot Plastics - Where the fiberglass laminates were molded for the Dolphin 24

Mermaid 24 - Design 1497-1, a wood Dolphin

Mitchell, Carleton (Mitch) - The man who commissioned and skippered Finesterre

Midget Ocean Racing Club, Chapter 13 by Bill Shaw i Racing at Sea (1959)

MORC (Midget Ocean Racing Club) - Racing rule, small off shore racing auxiliaries

MORC S&S Memo December 10, 1958 - Design 1497-S, wood Dolphin, Mermaid 24

Nameplates and Builders Numbers - What builders did to identify their boats

New Zealand Built Dolphin 24 Cousins - the S&S 24 and the Falcon 24

Number of Dolphins Built - By who and when

Number of Dolphins Found - updated August 28, 2019

O'Day Corporation/George O'Day & Associates - The company

O'Day, George - The Man Who Loved to Sail - The man

O'Day, George, March 1960 Introductory Dolphin 24 Ad

O'Day Dolphin 24 1960 Options Price List

O'Day Dolphin 24 1960 Sales Brochure

O'Day, George (Associates), September 1960 Dolphin 24 Ad

O'Day/Marscot Plastics New Bedford/Fall River Massachusetts Plants - 1960 pictures of Dolphins being built

O'Day/Marscot Nameplate

Other Builders - Lunn Laminates, F.L. Tripp & Sons, J.J. Taylor & Sons

Pacific Dolphin - Builder of 50 Dolphins

Pacific Dolphin 1976 Sales Brochure

Pacific Dolphin 1976 Price List

Popular Boating Magazine Article, October, 1960

Practical Sailor Magazine Article, August 15, 1994

Racing at Sea - chapter by Bill Shaw

Reading List - A partial list of books used as reference materials for this website

Sailboat Classes of North America - Dolphin (pages 252-253)

Sailing Anarchy Forum quotes Oct/Nov 2015 re the passing of John Shumaker, founder of Yankee Yacht

Salty, an S&S designed NY32

Scott, Palmer - He built the first Dolphins

Shaw, Bill - Designer, his fingerprints are all over the Dolphin drawings

Sparkman & Stephens - The 20th Century's best design team

Stephens, Olin - The man who led the team

Stephens, Rod - Olin Stephen's brother and the ultimate team player

Starling Burgess - Co-Designer of America's Cup J Boat Ranger with Olin Stephens

Taylor, J.J. & Sons - Toronto, Canada, builder of Dolphins

Trina - Shaw 24 Hull #1, a Dolphin gene provider and winner of 27 consecutive races (also location of Shaw 24 information)

Tripp, F.L. & Sons - Westport, MA Dolphin builder

US Yachts - The O'Day 'Associate' who marketed and sold early Dolphins

White Mist - S&S design #911 - a gene provider to our Dolphins

Yankee Dolphin, The - Sept/Oct 2005 Good Old Boat Magazine, by Dyke Williams

Yankee Yachts - Builder of 175 Dolphins

Yankee Yachts 1967 Sales Brochure

Yankee Yachts 1967 Price List

Yankee Yachts 1969 Sales Brochure

Yankee Yachts 1969 Price List

Yankee Yachts 1971 Sales Brochure

Yankee Yachts Nameplates

Yankee 24 - Not a Dolphin

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