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Pacific Dolphin, Anaheim, CA (updated June 15, 2019)  

Pacific Dolphin was the successor company to Yankee Dolphin and built about 50 Dolphins between late 1975 and early 1977. According to Dyke Williams' 2005 article "The Yankee Dolphin" in Good Old Boat Magazine (Sept/Oct issue), when Yankee Yachts closed, the owners of one of their suppliers inherited the Dolphin molds.

John Shumaker, founder of Yankee Yachts, told us that when he closed his business, Romaine Corbin, his former plant manager, bought the Dolphin 24 molds. Perhaps, at that time, Romaine was no longer an employee but a supplier. We need to find out more about the company.

We have some of their literature. Click on the underlined to read.

Pacific Dolphin Arrangements Plan - This is very similar to the Yankee plan but note that there is an option for the port side galley to slide into the port aft locker area creating a full settee on the port side.

1976 Pacific Dolphin Sales Brochure

1976 Pacific Dolphin Price List

Robert Perry Article on the Pacific Dolphin (circa 1976-78) magazine unknown) - added December 26, 2011


Found in the web archives of Jim Huxford's old Dolphin 24 site, circa 1999, is the following email from Ray Story. Ray no longer owns Loki , Pacific Dolphin #277, but remembers this story and sent us some of his pictures. Click here for a larger version and more pictures taken at Coyote Point Marina on the south end of San Francisco Bay.


The Last Dolphin...

Owner: Ray Story

My name is Ray Story. I have owned "LOKI" Pacific Dolphin #277 since December 1990.

I met the, or one of the, owners of the Pacific Dolphin Company July 4th 1991. We were getting ready to watch fireworks when a fellow hailed "Hello Loki". I answered and asked him if he knew the boat. He said he used to own the company!

It seemed that Loki was used for display at the boat shows. Fitted with teak hatches and slats on cockpit sole, green and white sail cover, she must have been quite the crowd pleaser. Anyway, the sales manager took Loki on the boat show tour, took a few down payments, and left the boat in the parking lot of the last boat show. And that, said the fellow I just met, was the end of the Pacific Dolphin Company.

Evidently these guys were suppliers to Yankee Yachts, and when Yankee went bust they ended up with the molds for the 24 and the 30. They never made a 30 as the molds had been modified so many times they were in pretty bad shape.

There are quite a few Dolphins on the Bay, two in our harbor.

A couple of years ago a Dolphin won (on corrected time) the cruising class of the Pacific Cup, S.F. to Hawaii. Finished last, corrected to first. Bless that 264 rating.

I guess that's it for now.



Webmaster Note: The last "production" Dolphin built, that we know of, is Grand Finale,   Pacific Dolphin # 300. It could be that Loki was the last Dolphin sold as it was Pacific Dolphin's show boat. Rod Kulbach's Monika, hull #301, is the last Dolphin built. Rod build her in wood on a fiberglass hull made from the Pacific Dolphin molds several years after Pacific Dolphin went out of business. Click to go to her


September 5, 2012. Alden Harris, Pacific Dolphin #263 received a nice email from Romaine Corbin's widow - he passed away in 1995 of a heart attack. You can see that email by clicking here.


June 15, 2019 We had an interesting email from Randy Renner, first owner of #277, LOKI that touches on Pacific Dolphin. Click here to go there


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