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Comments - Dolphin 24 Website Book (updated May 5, 2011)  

This page designed to make everyone who did not order a copy of the Dolphin24 Website Book feel really bad (minor edits, and naturally, negative comments edited out :-). Click here to go back to the Book.


Ron -  I received my copy today and haven't put it down yet. So many wonderful stories and photos, brought to life from the web page. It's quite a difference to be able to sit down with the whole story in my lap. A book is so much better than a computer screen. Thanks also for honoring #20 on the final page. I surely hope someone will bring her back to life again.

I really appreciate the work you've done and I'll try to get some more customers. Thanks!


Ed Purcell (Just Friends #20)




Ron, received the book - many thanks

Great job

Loch Syme (Skua)




Thank you very much for the book.  What a great job.  It may take some time to get through it, but I think what you have done is fantastic and is a great service to the class.

Best regards,

Carl Hazelton (Miss Behavin, #248)




Ron,  I received the book the other day. Dave is going to be so surprised! You did an absolutely incredible job on it. I love the photo of all the sterns/names at the end of the book.

Kristin Keenan (Harbor Rat
, #59)




Hi Ron,

 I received the book yesterday.  Very nice.  I am learning a lot.  I intend to look for Rod’s (Stephens) book..  He wrote some stuff on how to set up standing rigging I found somewhere that was very useful and had not seen anywhere else before. 

Thanks again for creating a  wonderful book for a great boat.

 Alan Brothers (Acamar, #139)




Hi Ron-

I just got the book.  Great job!  What a nice keepsake.

It’s amazing to see all the website material printed out like that.  It shows how much information is bound up in Dolphin24.org.  I wouldn't have believed it. Thanks so much!


Erik  Evens (Robin Lee #118)




The website itself is a major accomplishment, but this book makes it evident what a Herculean effort you have undertaken, and of which we, your audience, are the primary beneficiaries.

Thanks so much for the book; it's a great piece of work!

David Blakey (interested in Dolphins)





What a great job you have done. It may take me till summer to read it all. Thanks again.

Richard Mc Connell (Fire Escape, # 299)




Hi Ron,

Got the book, looks great! You must have put a ton of work into it!

Best wishes for the holidays!

Jonnie Walker (Madalyn Joy, #227)


12/27/ 2010


My son Joe bought me your "Web Book" for Xmas. Great job. Thanks

Kind Regards,

Joe Sharpe (Yanqui #197)



Hi Ron

The mailman was just here and among the mail was your package.  The book is wonderful, and I will be spending the rest of the day reading it. Thanks again!

 Maudie (Sandpiper #264)




I just want you to know that I think the book is great. What a useful and detailed documentation of all things Dolphin. I can remember when you told me you were thinking of starting a new Dolphin website, I couldn’t have imagined it would turn out as thorough and informative as it has. So many boats and classes of boats and their histories and important technical information get lost and forgotten. Thanks to you, that will never be the case with the Dolphin.

I’m very impressed with what you’ve done. First the website, then the book, what’s next? The major motion picture…..

Jay Picotte (Recovery)



Hi Ron

Your fantastic book arrived on Christmas Eve! What a super job you did...you make us proud! Happy New Year to you and yours


Jim and Rae Kurt (The Rachel K, #4)



Book # 1 was sent to Miriam O'Day, and we have a very nice note back from her. Click here to read her note.



Book #2 was sent to John Shumaker, Founder of Yankee Yachts. I spoke with him by phone and he said he was very much enjoying the book. We talked about how we really needed to get more about how he transitioned from being an aeronautical engineer building a wood Mermaid 24 with a partner from plans he bought in 1962 from S&S; to deciding that he really wanted to build a Dolphin 24 on a bare fiberglass hull (Hull #71) he had shipped to him in 1964 by O'Day - which he named Yankee; and then to buying 3 more bare hulls (#s 72, 73 and 74) from O'Day; then having a visit in early 1965 from Olin Stephens in 1965 to talk about 'going into business' building Dolphin 24's on the west coast. He agrees it would be a good story - stay tuned.



....By the way, I am enjoying your Dolphin book very much and use it often for ideas and as reference material. Many thanks!

Julia (Bonnie Lassie, Yankee #175)



We received the following note from Karen Larson, editor and co-founder of Good Old Boat Magazine

This is wonderful, Ron! Thanks for sharing. We're proud to play a role in there.



There are more but ......















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