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Small Craft Advisor Survey (August 29, 2015 - updated August 12, 2019)  

Small Craft Advisor Magazine published an article about Dolphins featuring Blue Dolphin, Yankee # 246 http://dolphin24.org/246.html. That article can be seen by clicking here http://www.dolphin24.org/small_craft_advisor.html

Then, we received the following email from Josh Colvin at Small Craft Advisor (minor edits). Any Dolphin owners, present or past, are invited to respond directly to Josh at

email address: smallcraftadvisor@earthlink.net

Hi Ron,

We're working on an a review article about the Dolphin 24 (we sailed a Yankee Dolphin) for the coming issue. Naturally your website has proved invaluable as we do our research. In addition to sailing every boat we review ourselves, we also like to include owner feedback.

I wonder if it would be possible for you to forward this invitation to those who own (or have owned) Yankee Dolphins (or her sisterships) to participate in our review? We have a simple survey we send out to owners that we use to gather opinions and solicit quotes that we'll use in the magazine article.

Thanks for your consideration. Of course I'd like to send you a survey as well if you're interested in participating. Best,

Josh Joshua Colvin
Small Craft Advisor
PO Box 1343
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Here is the survey. Those interested can respond by first highlighting and copying the survey below into a Word document or Notepad, then typing their responses right after the questions.

Then copy the survey from your document into an email to Josh. Your webmaster is standing by to provide technical assistance if necessary. Email me at RonBreault@dolphin24.org

Small Craft Advisor Survey

Thank you for participating in the Small Craft Advisor Dolphin (Yankee, O'Day, Pacific, etc.) review. No one can know the strengths and weaknesses of a boat better than one who has sailed her and lived with her through good conditions and bad. Your opinion is valuable. The information you submit, with that of other respondents, should enable us to begin to see consistent patterns of opinion about the boat in review.

We believe this method will result in the most accurate assessment available for a given boat. Feel free to respond to the following questions in as much or little detail as you wish. We may or may not use any or all of your responses. In most cases we will use direct quotes, e.g. "John Johnson, owner of hull #777 "Tinkerbell," says 'The Ace has great ultimate stability and performs exceptionally well in heavy weather." Modify the questionnaire as you see fit. If you need more room for a certain section, just make it bigger. Obviously some questions won't apply to this type of boat.

When you've finished, please return it to us via e-mail. Thanks again. We look forward to hearing what you have to say about this very popular boat.

Joshua Colvin
Small Craft Advisor
PO Box 1343
Port Townsend, WA 98368
PH 800-979-1930
PH 360-379-1930


Posted August 12, 2019 Here is The Dolphin 24 webmaster's survey response made in August 2015. Answers are inserted after questions.

Your name: Ron Breault
Your boat's name: Marionette
Boat make and length: Marscot/O'Day Dolphin 24; 24' LOA
Year of manufacture: 1960

Please tell us a little about the extent of your sailing experience.

I've been sailing about 40 years - In 1973? my wife and I chartered a 36' Pearson, with 2 other couples, (one couple experienced sailors) and sailed from mid coast Connecticut to Block Is. That hooked me. Bought a 17' O'Day Day Sailor, sailing it around locally on Long Is Sound, then trailered her up to Maine for a vacation. In 1974? bought an O'Day 27, then in 1978 a Columbia 9.6 which we sailed to Maine (overnight), and raced occasionally

My 2 kids were into Junior Sailing and no longer wanted to cruise on weekends so in 1984 I sold the Columbia and bought a Starling Burgess designed Atlantic (30'LOA) and started racing in that class weekends at my local YC (Niantic Bay YC) - this is when I really learned how to sail....) In 1995, with kids moved away and spouse more into gardening, I sold the Atlantic and bought my Dolphin 24 - started single handing, sailed and drove her to Maine, and occasionally raced her. All this in nauseam here http://dolphin24.org/restorations_marionette.html

Please give us your general impressions of how the boat performs in the following categories:

Ease of trailering - not a light boat, need 6000lb cap. trailer, no problems but you know you are towing....
Ease of launching and retrieving - no problem, better 2 people than 1
Ease of rigging - no problem - stepping/unstepping much easier with 2 people http://dolphin24.org/mast_stepping_resource.html
How the boat performs in light airs. excellent - see http://dolphin24.org/sail_comments.html
How fast the boat is - the racing results are great ie., http://dolphin24.org/marionette_osc_spring_series.html and http://www.dolphin24.org/charles_b_koch_trophy.html
How well it points. - very high
Initial stability - a little tender, likes to be sailed flat
Ultimate stability - excellent

How does the boat perform in heavy weather?
- She handles well, but reef her
Is the boat forgiving? Yes (not really sure what forgiving means....)
Does it inspire confidence? Yes
Is it dry-riding? Yes
Does it exhibit a “weather helm?” - yes - ease traveller, reef early
Is cockpit drainage adequate in your opinion? could be better

How many can comfortably daysail, overnight, or cruise for extended periods on these boats?
Daysail 3/4;
Are sleeping accommodations comfortable? For how many? overnight accommodations for 4 - 2 in v-berth, 2 in quarterberths; cruising 2 in reasonable comfort; single handed?- hard to beat!
Is the head practical and convenient to use. In V-berth/privacy curtain - ok, but....; others have enclosed heads http://dolphin24.org/marionettes_vberth.html
Cooking facilities? full galley - I use a butane camping stove that I store http://dolphin24.org/marionette's_galley.html
Storage? OK, but can get crowded

How does their overall construction quality compare?
mine is very well built - only problem is the hull deck joint on early boats see http://dolphin24.org/clamp_toe_rail_issues.html
How about the stock rigging? no problems
Does the boat seem durable? Very
Any noticeable oil-canning, flexing, peeling or delamination? No, exceptionally strong hull
Any obvious shortcomings or corner-cutting in the design? to quote Olin Stephens “ ..we have always thought of the Dolphin as one of our best designs…”

What stands out in your mind as a compromise an owner of this boats is likely to have to make?
Does not have standing headroom!! http://www.dolphin24.org/1497_3_Arrangements_Plan.html

Please list any significant modifications you've made, their approximate time and cost, and your satisfaction with the mod.
Here's a few - not necessarily in any particular order - cost except in time is really insignificant
1) building a set of lockers under the bridgedeck and in back of the companionway steps to house the centerboard winch, small hardware, and electrical panel http://dolphin24.org/marionette_steps_etc.html
2) inboard jib tracks http://dolphin24.org/jib_leads_track.html
3) The Autohelm ST1000 tiller setup http://dolphin24.org/technical_custom_tiller_bracket.html
4) my 'no travel lift" system http://dolphin24.org/no_travel_lift.html
5) Marionette's 'covers" http://www.dolphin24.org/covers.html
6) Building a convertible dinette http://dolphin24.org/marionette's_table.html

How do you think this boat compares in terms of overall value compared to competitors?
Great question - Many of these older boats built in the 1960s were 'indestructible' - heavy solid glass hulls, nice woodwork. Relative Dolphin 24 value compared to other early boats? None are 'prettier' and a pretty boat is what you need to carry you thru the restoration process. She's a winner and sails well to her PHRF rating. She can go offshore and cope with heavy weather http://www.dolphin24.org/rob_paige%20article.html. The value is not calculable - its not financial!

(Note: The Dolphin24.org webmaster is permitted to respond in this manner!)











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