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Tim Lewis' Pacific Dolphin #264, Sandpiper, FOR SALE Long Beach, California - updated December 6, 2018  

June 26, 2017 - updated December 8, 2018. Here is the Craigslist ad and Tim's contact info

Craigslist ad link


Pacific Dolphin 24 - $2900 (Long Beach).

15 hp outboard motor.

Do not have time to use the boat as much as I'd like so its for sale.

If you are interested please call me at: 562-221-9392

Thanks, Tim






March 3, 2016. Tim Lewis checking in as the new owner of Sandpiper. Webmaster Note - on December 19, 2016 we set up this new page for Sandpiper - click here to find out about her past life.

Hi Ron,

I saw this boat on Craigslist, then did a little research and came across your website. It is the Sandpiper and now she resides in Long Beach, California.

Pending new pictures of Sandpiper from Tim we will use the one above from the ad (it caught his attention!)

I am relatively new to the boating world and having a bit of trouble locating a ladder for my boat. The seller gave me a ladder to affix to the back of the boat but I just didn't like the idea of it not being where it was intended to be. It appears the ladder would be on the starboard side of the boat and hook into 2 metal fixtures. It appears original. Do you know where I can loacate a ladder that would snap into the side? Here's a photo of the fittings.

I appreciate all your information.


Tim Lewis


Welcome aboard Tim!!

Webmaster Reply - re ladders (edited)

Hi Tim

Those are fairly standard fittings. Have you checked out West Marine and other marine stores? particularly used/consignment stores. If you go to Google search, type in marine ladders, there's a list.

Have you seen the ladder page on the website? http://dolphin24.org/ladders.html.

Your fittings 'lock' you into a fixed location, unless you have multiple locations, then they are trip hazards/toe crunchers.

That's why I like my ladder.....

Click here for a larger image


March 19, 2016. Tim's getting into Dolphin ownership......

Hi Ron,

I have another question for you. My main sheet is done and needs to be replaced. Do you know where I should look for a main sheet? What size/dimensions? And about how much they cost?


Webmaster Replies.

Hi Tim

I have over 20 years on my mainsheet - no problems - can't remember the brand, maybe Sampson or Yale Cordage. My racing oriented 'kids' sometimes think its a little thick - but I like it - 3/8" decent quality low stretch, soft on the hands, polyester braid - mine is about 22/23' long - any decent Marine supply store, or order on line - around .55/.60 cents/ft. Check out http://www.dolphin24.org/technical_booms.html


April 4, 2016 - here's an exchange on a favorite topic - outboard motors

Hi Ron,

I had a question I figure you would be very helpful on. As you know on Dolphin sailboats the motor sits in a well. However, my concern with the motor sitting in the well is that the motor is constantly in saltwater. How do you store your motor when not in use or do you just leave your motor in the well/saltwater? Thanks,


Webmaster replies (edited)

Hi Tim

Great question - about which we have a lot of Technical Stuff in the Technical Section. Basically, there are a number of ways to address the problem, and we all make our choices....Go to the Technical Section and scroll down to Outboards and you will see several topics. Here are the key links

http://dolphin24.org/outboard_motor_comments.html and http://dolphin24.org/transom_plug.html

You will see that I decided to go with a 'light' 4hp motor that I can lift and store down below when not in use http://dolphin24.org/marionettes_4hp_engine_setup.html Not a perfect solution but works for me - now 20 years.....

Tim replies - edited

Hi Ron,

I went over the posting but I'm still not certain which path to choose. Obviously inboard motor is not an option and hanging the motor off the back railing is kind of a small nightmare since that would require taking the motor off back railing and dropping in the well everytime I take the boat out, then pulling motor out of well to hang back on rail.

Are there any other plausible options?

Please see my motor in well at right.

Thanks, Tim

Webmaster replies

Hi Tim

Did you see http://dolphin24.org/80_pushpit.html ?

Maybe the only option for you is to leave it in the well and scrub the lower unit every so often - by swimming or lifting. Check with your local outboard motor shops on what they recommend. Some sailing areas have bigger growth problems than others.

Besides growth on the lower unit I'd be concerned about something getting in/growing in the water intake then fouling the inside of the motor. Happened to me once when I 'accidentally' left the motor down on my dinghy for a week - motor would not run.

Most owners have to deal with lifting the motor out of the water if its going to be left for a while. And some give up and put a bracket on the transom. Uuggh....

This approach is interesting - it was posted on our Forum - I can't vouch for it

"Here is a trick I picked up from an old sailor. Cover the bottom half of your outboard with automobile wax. Put it on heavy and don't rub it off. Not much will stick to the engine and you can probably go 2 months before cleaning. The fellow who told me about this was hosing off his rubber dingy when I met him. After two months in salt water most every thing on the bottom just hosed off. Don't cover the sacrificial zinc with wax."

Here's a link worth reading http://www.marineenginedigest.com/diy/bottom-paint-for-outboards.htm

At the end of the day I think you have to lift your motor every so often to clean it, how often depends on your local growth situation, and the effectiveness of any coating. That's why I like my 'light' 4 hp motors, plus the boat sails faster without having the drag of the motor


December 19, 2016. We got the following email from Tim

Hi Ron,

I have decided to fix up my Pacific Dolphin. Actually I've already started the process. I was curious what you think would be my best option for replacing the 2 slats of wood making up the cabin door. I've heard you can buy cabin doors ready-made at West Marine. However, I have had no luck with them. Is there somewhere else I should look or should I be searching for someone who does custom wood work? Thanks,


Webmaster replies

Check out


They may have something. I think they made parts for Pacific Dolphin as well as Yankee.

My boards are solid wood, not plywood, made from wide mahogany (I think) planks. The top one has louvers. and a lock. These boards are 57 years old!

You should check out http://www.dolphin24.org/covers.html








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