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S&S 24 and Falcon 24 Sails - a work in progress - updated January 31, 2013  

January 26, 2013. We are collecting some information regarding S&S 24 and Falcon 24 sails, in part thanks to Dave Giddens, an Auckland, New Zealand sailmaker, who was around in the late 1960's and knew William (Doug) Bremner. Giles Grimstom (Summer Wine) is our local DFI and is helping with the leg work. As is customary we invite comments/corrections/additions from readers.

We'll start with the 'original' sail plan for the "Bremner 24/S&S 24" we received back on February 18, 2012. It is an old marked up copy of a sail plan from Dave Giddens. It appears to be a copy of the the original Dolphin 24 sail plan, dated April 15, 1959, and updated to version 1497-C1, the S&S 24. It has a penciled in notation "Bremner 24", possibly an early consideration for the name of the S&S 24.

Click here for large view

Note: Bremner 24; also note draft 2'10" - the Dolphin 24 draft, the S&S 24 draft is 4'2"

On the back of this plan was a notation regarding the prmary sails for the S&S 24 that Giles Grimston (Summer Wine) lifted for us.

It is interesting to your webmaster to compare the sail areas on these sails with sail areas on the early Dolphin 24s, in particular, the storm and working jibs. Here is a cutout from the Dolphin 24 sail plan

Here's what North Sails Direct offers for a storm jib for a boat 24'-28'

6 oz cloth weight
luff 13.1'
leech 10.1'
foot 6.75'
SA 45 sq ft approx

Here's another comparison of sail areas and shapes for storm and working jibs

Dave Gidden
S&S Plan
Storm Jib
#4 Jib
working jib
heavy working jib
working jib
16' 2"
23' 10"
26" 6"
6'  6"
7' 6"
8' 4"
8' 10"
18' 4"
20' 7"
23' 2"
Sail Area, sq ft
Pendant length
3' 6"
Cloth Weight
6.5 oz
5 oz

Here's an effort to show these jibs graphically

Paul Parsonage (Glass Spider) sent in the measurements of his Dave Gidden Storm jib. Excerpt of his email below

G’day Ron

Sorry about delay, been blowing a solid easterly over our boat for the last couple of weeks so haven’t been to boat until tonight. No pictures at this stage, but it happens that my storm jib that came with the boat is a brand new Dave Giddens and with my amateurish calculations approx 40 square foot! Measurements are as follows

Leach 3.85m (12’ 7.5”), Luff 3.12m (10’3”), Foot 2.28m (7’6”)

My parent's S&S Summer Haze had a baby stay like Giles (Grimston, Summer Wine), but mine never has, although the mast has been set up for it at the spreaders (suspected original alspars section).


This may seem a bit tedious but 18 years ago when I bought Marionette she came with several bags of sails including one in a red bag marked

Marionette's 'Storm Jib" came in this bag

Based on the numbers in the above chart this sail was really a working jib - sail area of about 90-100 sq ft. Storm jibs have about 50% of the sail area of the working jib.

Marionette has a second, heavier weight cloth working jib - a jib inherited from earlier days when your webmaster had an Atlantic Class one design 30' racing boat. Stan Secura, a marine architect who had JATO, hull #7 told me that back in the 1960's he raced his Dolphin successfully in heavy weather with an Atlantic Class jib. It was a heavy cloth, high roach sail with short battens, and a curved foot that tacked inside the foretriangle and sheeted to a block on a short track inside the shrouds next to the house.

Stan also told me that he like to race with a heavy #2 (140%) genoa, and when the breeze came up, take a reef in the main, then a 2nd reef, then drop the main and sail on the genoa alone.

So it seems Marionette does not have a storm jib - but she does have a storm jib bag

Thanks to Giles and Dave, we have 3 old sail plans dating back to the 1970's. We have set them up on their own page with the ability to see them in a large version. As we decipher them we will add to the text. Click here to go to them


January 28, 2013. Giles Grimston sent in a photo of his inner stay on Summer Wine. We'll get the measurement of its deck fitting and mast fitting locations but to your webmaster's unprofessional eye this location would be too close to the mast to be suitable for storm jib.

Stay tuned

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