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Darren Scott's Yankee # 231 (formerly Unda Maris II) , Alamitos Bay, California - updated December 14, 2011.  

December 14, 2011. While Darren's been working on his digital camera the following pictures have just floated in over the transom from Rod Hay whose Phar Lap, Yankee #87 is in the same (mega) marina. We are betting that this is Yankee #231. Stay tuned...


Darren Scott first checked in on July 14, 2009 with the following email (edited). We will have to wait for a picture.

Hi Ron,
My name is Darren Scott.  I have owned the yet unnamed Yankee Dolphin 231 for the last seven years.  She is in the water in Alamitos Bay, California.  Just wanted to plug in finally with you and the gang.  I've been doing a lot of work but have a lot of unanswered questions.  My latest quandary involves transforming the motor hole from a giant water-brake when under sail.  Did the plugs mentioned by the owner of Aeyla Makaira and your own ever come as a stock arrangement.  I've reviewed the forum and no one really addresses the issue of the well filling up with water without such a plug?
I got a million more concerns and will be actively engaged with this site and community.  Any direction and suggestions regarding this question and the site itself would be much appreciated. I've since replaced the mainsail for example.  Anyway, just reaching out and also maybe looking for any So California resources specifically.  Riggers, people working on Dolphins, etc.  In the meantime I'll work on my digital camera so I can engage with the sufficient degree of utility.
Darren Scott
Yankee Dolphin #231


We are working on trying to help Darren get answers to his questions. Watch for more info on motor wells and transom plugs

We first found out about this boat on June 11, 2009 when Greg Marstan checked in with the following email regarding his Unda Maris III, Yankee Hull # 125 Click here to go Unda Maris III


Thanks for the wealth of information on your site! I have been a proud owner of a Yankee Dolphin since last summer, when I found Dolphin #125 near Sacramento, CA. I spent the summer restoring her, and she's now berthed in San Francisco. Her name is the "Unda Maris III". I've attached a photo.

This isn't my first Dolphin encounter, my dad owned Yankee Dolphin #231 (then Unda Maris II) in Marina Del Rey, but sold her around 1996. (Webmaster Note: Greg later advised us that his father, Tony Marsden, owned this boat for about 10 years)

Thanks and keep up the fine work!




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