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Repacking a Yankee Rudder Bearing/Seal  

September 24, 2020 - We had the following Dolphin 24 Facebook posting from Tom Charpentier (Sisu. Yakee #186) re repacking/sealing a Yankee Rudder bearing. Here is the link to the Facebook article https://www.facebook.com/groups/dolphin24sailboats

Tom Charpentier Has anyone on here with a Yankee repacked their rudder bearing/seal? I checked it under sail last night and noticed the tiniest trickle of water coming through the fitting inside the hull. It will be a job for the winter, but I'm wondering what is inside the fitting? Is there some sort of gasket or is it packed like a propshaft?


Garrett Keohane I have a Pacific Dolphin and recently repacked the rudder it was leaking like a sieve. There should be no
water coming through it’s a rudder gland not a prop

Easy job except for access. I think I used 3/16” packing three layers with offset joints compressed nicely

By the way - I did mine in the water. Just put some weight in the bow to keep the stern up some very little water intrusion

Tom Charpentier Garrett, forgive my ignorance - when you say "packing" you mean the teflon rope stuff, like this?

Garrett Keohane Yep that’s it. I picked some up at the local marine store. I just used the typical PTFE packing. Here’s a
good video similar to the rudder gland that was on my dolphin. The video has a much bigger gland but the
general idea is the same https://youtu.be/n2KpCs9Nuyo HOW TO REMOVE AND REPLACE PACKING IN A RUDDER

Tom Charpentier Thanks!


For more on this subject check out http://dolphin24.org/technicalindex.html Rudders










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