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Blue Gum's Dolphin Casting - updated March 5, 2017  

September 21, 2011. Alan Mountford has a major restoration/rebuild project going on Blue Gum, his Falcon 24 now in Logan City, Queenland, Australia. While the big stuff is important its the little things that make such a project special. Here's one of those special little things.

Hi Ron,

Glad to hear the dolphin casting I made for you has arrived safely. The one I made for myself I have glued to the aft face of the main hatch. Looks great!! You have probably seen what appear to be bronze casting figurines in places like big hardware shops. I have commonly seen things like small Buddha's for example. They are made of the same materials as the dolphin and have been treated to give the patina finish (weathered bronze) The composition is bronze powder and epoxy resin and the process is called "cold casting". Being outside on the boat my dolphin casting will eventually get that weathered bronze look too. :-)



Webmaster Note: While the pay is not great being the Dolphin24.org webmaster does have fringe benefits!



March 5, 2017 - Alan's Dolphin has been assigned a role in 'dressing up' the permanent trophy for our Dolphin 24 New England championships being held July 27-29 in Camden Maine.

For the past 5+ years she has been laying on my computer moniter base reminding me to check what going on 'down under'.

Click this link to find out more about this New England Championships, and more about the lead up to this trophy. http://dolphin24.org/ccc2017.html

The permanent trophy (at right) still awaits two brass/gold engraved plates

Click here for a larger image



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