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Shaman, Marscot/O'Day #25 Sails - FOR SALE  

July 17, 2018. We got the following email re Shaman's sails. Stan Barnes, a previous owner, was very helpful in getting this website launched. Click here to go to Shaman's page.


A friend of mine from Guilford, Connecticut owned a Dolphin 24 named Shaman. The boat was damaged in Hurricane Sandy and he sold the hull. Unfortunately he passed away a month ago and his widow is dealing with his effects which include multiple sails from his Dolphin. I’m trying to help her sell the whole set, a main, Genoa, two spinnakers, a staysail spinnaker and another sail I have not identified (haven’t yet opened the bag).

All sails appear to be in pretty decent shape, one spinnaker looks to be in exceptional shape. I’m wondering if you know of any Dolphin owners who might be interested? I would sell the whole set for a very reasonable price, she has a son in college so the $ would go to a good place.

Any help you could provide would be wonderful.

Brian Beggs

904-891-9846; email beggsb58@gmail.com

Postscript There are 7 sails, I only took pictures (below) of the good main, #1 Genoa and best spinnaker. Condition in order

> Main - good condition - Van Zandt

> #1 Genoa - good condition, minor repair of window and leech line - unknown maker

> Spinnaker - very good condition - Van Zandt, best spinnaker maker on the sound, flat cut radial made for a great reaching

> #2 or 3 jib - good condition - Sobstad

> Spinnaker - fair condition, well used - North

> Blooper or spinnaker staysail- good condition - Hathaway

> Main - fair condition - Ratsey & Hathaway

I think the Van Zandt main and the Van Zandt spinnaker are in really good shape, especially the spinnaker which doesn’t look like it had much use. All sails have their own bags, spinnaker bags have snap hooks for lifeline attachments




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