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Posted: 07 Dec 2008 at 8:41pm
I just purchased a dolphin 24, but have no head sail. Am contemplating putting an oversized genoa, self furling sail on.Is this a reasonable set up for this boat, or is it out to lunch?
Kapt. Krusty

Posted: 08 Dec 2008 at 11:18pm
Hi Les
Ever since I read about a couple who could not get their partially furled head sail down when their furling drum broke in high winds I have worried about them. It is also true that I don't like their looks on a classic boat, and I also don't want to spend the money for a top of the line furler. But there are times I wish I had one. All my jibs are traditional hank on.

Marionette has 2 big genoas - a light 170% genoa good to 10 knots max; a 'heavy' 140% that is good to 15-16 and is my workhorse sail. I also have a heavy 100%/blade type sail that points really well and which I always use single handing if there is a building breeze likely to go 15+, and a small high clew working jib that won't point but is nice on a reach.

Starting from scratch with one sail my first sail would be a medium weight, hank on, 140%, reefable genny - one that you could shorten the luff by having 2 additional tack grommets maybe 2ft and 4 ft higher up the luff; and one extra clue grommet maybe 6ft up the leech, making the near deck sweeper sail into a higher clue sail. I would also have reef points in this sail.

Marionette #12

Posted: 14 Jan 2009 at 8:49pm
Hi Krusty, I have an old headsail you might be interested in. Might be something for now, until you figure out what you want. I am in Detroit area. Let me know if you are interested, no charge if you want to come get it. If you are not that close we could work something else out. It is hank on type, and pretty old, but....

Yankee Dolphin Hull # 203

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