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Tilde, a Falcon 24, Sail # 9183, Clyde Quay Marina, New Zealand - updated April 15, 2013  

April 12, 2013. We first came across this boat on the New Zealand Yachting List as Timothy John Blackmore's boat at Westhaven Marina, berth # 530, Auckland, New Zealand, and listed her on our NZ Roster. Yesterday, we received the following email from DFI Neil Armitage

Thank you for presenting and managing a wonderful anecdotal history of the New Zealand S&S 24 and Falcon 24.

For your interest I saw “Tilde”, a blue hulled Falcon 24 on a mooring in the Clyde Quay Marina, Wellington, today. I think it may have been there some time.

Neil Armitage

So, Tilde is on the move - we hope to catch up with her owner at some point.


April 15, 2013. Neil followed up with a picture and note (edited)

Hello Ron

I’ve managed to put in a little leg work today and took the attached photo.

Firstly Tilde is in Clyde Quay Marina (otherwise known as the old Boat Harbour) which is adjacent to Chaffers Marina. Google Chaffers Marina, Wellington, NZ and the boat harbour is to the right of the Marina.

Clyde Quay is a Wellington City Council property and is home to the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club. I spoke to the secretary who told me Andy McCallum manages the Wellington City Marinas. He was on leave today but I hope he will call back to me tomorrow. With our overt sensitivity to Privacy I doubt that he will say who owns Tilde but I’m hoping he might pass a message to the person.

Cheers, Neil

Anybody pick her out? Stay tuned


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