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Kestrel, Dianne Davis's Yankee # 110 gets a new jib  

November 15, 2009 - Back in early October Dianne told us about mildew problems with her old laminated jib, and now Kestrel has a new 120% Dacron furling jib from Cruising Direct (North Sails) - Minor edits

                                                                               October 6, 2009

Hi Ron!
Great job with the website!  Keep up the great work.

I'm thinking of buying a new genny.  The one I have is a combination Myler/Dacron and, althought in perfect shape, it's almost impossible to keep/get the mildew out from between the layers.  I send it to North Sails and they do the best they can to bleach it but it's now sooooo ug, especially after this damp year!

Dianne (Kestrel - #110)


                                                                          November 14, 2009

Hi Ron,
I'm going ahead and purchasing a new genoa since mine was so mildewed - remember that Dacron/Mylar combination.  I went to Noth Sails in RI (they are actually Cruising Direct as well).  Since it's pretty windy on Buzzards Bay in the afternoon's, and I usually have to furl up my 140%, I went with a 120%. Also went with the Dacron instead of the Mylar.  Hope the Dacron furls up / keeps the shape as well as my old sail...but hoping I won't have to furl it as much!! Not bad price - $678 total.



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