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Hardwick (Worcester area) Massachusetts Dolphin 24 FOR SALE/FREE!! on CraigsList  

February 13, 2018. A reader brought this Craigslist ad to our attention. Here's the link to the ad


Dolphin 24 FREE

24' Dolphin sail boat, cabin, galley, single mast. That's all I know. Storing it for a friend, someone wanted it, friend no longer wants, so I loaded it on my trailer. Now the person that wanted it hasn't decided to take it. I want it off the trailer, so it's free with free local delivery.

No title, but it's not too difficult to get one for an abandoned boat. Do your own research, the boat is free!
Needs restoration, but it's free. No sails and aluminum mast needs work, but it's free. The pallet it is on is rotten, so the boat will need a new means of support. I can tell you what it will need to unload it.

I can unload it here if you have your own trailer, or I will deliver. All I ask is that you are ready with a plan to stabilize it when I get there. I have five boat stands that will work with it. Had plans for them, but since the pallet is rotted I will sell them if you want them.
I'm no longer going to hold the boat for anyone. Come out take a look, if you decide you want it be ready to take it.

Contact email - jswzm-6492603715@sale.craigslist.org



Webmaster Note - This may be a new found Dolphin? Any information much appreciated

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