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Posted: 03 Jun 2007 at 1:44am
what should I do about this hatch? is there a manufactured one that will fit or do I need to be creative and build something from scratch? Any suggestions from the experts would be appreciated!

Also the area around the two rectangular ports in front of the hatch will need to be rebuilt soon, but I'll save that for another post :)
hull 183

Posted: 03 Jun 2007 at 3:07pm
Those two ports on the front of your Dolphin are very unusual - never have seen any like it. It looks like the original fiberglass panel in the front of the cabin has been cut out and replaced by a wood panel with two ports?

Regarding the hatch You might be able to find a 'modern' hatch that will fit but I doubt it. Most likely you will have to get (a wood) one made. If so, getting one a bit larger with a lip that fits over your hatch combing will make it more weather tight. The rear lip can be used to fasten the hinges. Marionette has the olf fashioned pull pin brass hinges so you can remove the hatch without taking off the hinges.

I'd show you Marionette's hatch here if I knew how to put/paste a copy in this reply.

Posted: 03 Jun 2007 at 7:40pm
I imagine I could make a wood one myself, except for the latches, seals, and other hardware.

The pull pin type hinges sound like a good idea, I will look for those !

what would be the best 'glass' to use. the plexiglass hatches that I have seen look like they suffer from the UV, I would imagine this would be the primary concern for me, lots of sun here. maybe if I tinted some plexiglass, i would need to learn how to do that... I wouldn't want anybody to step through a real glass one Shocked

also, where could I get a suitable rubber seal and latches for watertightness. Any good online suppliers of this kind of stuff? Maybe my local hardware stores will have everything, I have yet to check.

I have been told that teak is the best wood to use, will other dense hardwoods also be durable? I'll probably be epoxy + varnish coating anything I use.

RE: the front ports, it is (was) indeed a plywood piece

it looks to me that this forum doesn't support direct attachment of images, to get one on a forum message you need to have the image hosted elsewhere. services like photobucket.com etc.. are made for this. I used my own server though. the 'insert image' button is the seventh from the left on top
hull 183

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