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Posted: 13 Oct 2007 at 8:24pm
I am the happy owner of Moonshadow, Yankee Dolphin #173. We live and sail out of Haines, Alaska. The boat has been in Haines for at least 10 years, but not used very much. previously it was owned by the Boy Scouts in Juneau, Alaska, but also not used much. Prior history I don't know.

i bought her in spring, 2006, and have sailed her quite a bit locally. Her main and drifter appear to be original--now 37 years old, and holding up quite well.

She sits fairly low on her lines, though the bilge is quite dry. Low enough that i painted over her boot-top with bottom paint to keep the slime down. I suspect that the hull has absorbed water over the years. The hull seems to be in very nice condition--I cleaned her up on the tide grid here last year.

I often find myself tying a single reef and using the working jib, and sailing in our common 15-20 knot southeast winds quite comfortably.

The boat sails like a witch. I usually singlehand, and find that the center board down helps her to weather cock into the wind while I'm fooling around on the foredeck. I have not yet taken the mast down. i expect at some point I might want to replace the standing rigging and rewire. Any suggestions along those lines would be apppreciated.

Posted: 15 Oct 2007 at 10:44pm
Hi Len


I am due back back home in a couple of days and will get Moonshadow up on the Roster when I get return. Send in a picture when you can to ronbreault@dolphin24.org

Unless you have the equipment and experience my approach would be to have a competent local rigger make up your new standing rigging, using you old rigging specs as the size length guide. Maybe another reader can pass on their experience and costs.

Ron Breault

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