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Forums / General / #183 gets dunked  
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Posted: 17 Jan 2008 at 4:59pm
Well my hull just got rinsed out. My boat (among several others in my harbor) went diving during a nasty little storm a little while back. Flite is now happily floating, and pretty much cleaned out better than it was. damage is minimal, some paint rubbed off, lifeline posts slightly mangled, ripped out a couple of cleats, lost a few loose wood pieces to the sea. nothing I cant fix.

here are a couple of photos taken as she was being pulled up.

picture 1 (link no longer active)
picture 2 (link no longer active)

at least I now have the credentials to make this recommendation: go now and make sure you have an operational automatic bilge pump and double check any questionable hull penetrations... mine has a valve that is stuck at 3/4 closed position. I suspect this was the major cause. The guy that sold me the boat said he put wood plugs in all the penetrations, I guess that one was overlooked.
hull 183

Posted: 27 Feb 2008 at 2:29pm
Holy Crap Man! That second shot made my heart sink.
I'm glad you got her back up. Good luck!

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