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Posted: 31 Oct 2009 at 6:52pm
Hi all. Have another enquiry . I have a Falcon, (Festina Lente, photos in the site)
Trying to find out how the cockpit drains are mounted on other craft. Mine has two drains each side of cockpit fwd linked to a single discharge pipe, midships running aft to a non return flap out thru the transom. All very well however with the trim of vessel the lowest point of the cockpit is aft, abit of water always sits aft resulting in slime etc. Yes, answer use boat more so slime doesnt have time to form. however as I want to have the most efficient system with out backfilling as soon you get to a decent angle!! or squat, as I want to cruise how do other craft have it? Keep it up, Steve

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 at 2:16pm
Grand Finale's cockpit drain comes from a 1 1/2" diameter spout on the forward, lower, starboard side of the cockpit and drains almost straight down to a seacock which exits below the waterline. I'm not sure this is much better.
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Posted: 02 Nov 2009 at 1:35pm
Hi All
Marionette has 2 cockpit sole drains in the forward corners on the cockpit - 1.5" in diameter - connected to their own rubber hoses that are connected to 2 thru hull fittings located about directly below the cocpit drains. The hoses are fastened with ss hoses clamps. The hoses run down in back of the cockpit vertical supports so it's hard to see the hoses - and they are not in the way.

There are pictures on Marionette's page on the website - both of the cockpit drains, and of the area under the cockpit/bridge deck inside.

They seem to drain ok with the normal movement of the boat in its slip. A couple of times I wished they were bigger, or there were 2 more located aft when, for reasons outside my control, we got a fair amount of water inside and it did not drain as fast as one might like.

We also have 2 seat drains - basically 2 small, 1/2 in dia ss pipes set in the forward outside seat corners. These pipes run through the wood in a downward and forward direction. They are connected to a small fitting in the side of the hull via a clear plastic tube.

The wood trim around the inside edge of the seats is relieved at the rear so water can drain down on to the cockpit sole. This seems to work reasonably well.

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