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Posted: 20 Mar 2014 at 2:30am
West Marine has dock lines on sale for 50% off on the 29th. They're on my list of items still yet to purchase. Any recomendations as to the lengths necessary for our boats?
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Posted: 21 Mar 2014 at 7:09am
Hi Mike
Depending on the price of the dock lines, better to buy on sale 7/16" usually best deal (1/2" if you can't get 7/16") 3 braided nylon line off a spool, and make/learn how to make, your own eyes.

Depends on your dock situation, or dock situation when cruising, or wallet situation. If you have a 'permanent' slip/dock situation where you can leave your lines on the dock preset for length and with eyes to drop over your cleats I'd like:
1 long (24'+) spring line;
2 (8'+) bow lines;
1 (8') stern line;
1 (6') panic line that you pick up and drop over the winch as you come in too fast

Then, with these lines secured to your home slip you'll want travelling lines with extra length to accommodate different situations
1 long (24'+) spring line;
2 (12') bow lines;
1 (12') stern line;
1 (24) extra line

That's 138' if my math is right - get 150' off a reel


Posted: 27 May 2015 at 12:32am
I've been shopping for Two Moons and found good deals on 50'-150' spools of 7/16" or 1/2" 3-strand anchor/dock line, at Walmart or on eBay.

I like 3 strand for docklines as it's easy to splice, stretches more to reduce shock loads, looks salty and is cheap.

Everyone has their length preferences, and mine are about the same as Ron's. I like spring lines to do most of the work.

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